About Bridget Rau

This is Bridget Rau with Divine Essentials!

Many of you probably know me from my YouTube channels Bridget Rau and or Divine Essentials. Some may have found me through my Instagram Accounts, or one of my Facebook Groups or Page. Possibly from TikTok, or even through my Etsy Shop!


Essentially I am a little bit of everywhere, and do a little bit of everything.


I am a Master Teacher Healer Certified in Usui Reiki, and NPMDT. As well as a mentor for the Munay-Ki Rites and Star Rites. While also working as an Advanced Aromatherapist, and a Psychic Tarot Card Reader, I basically channel the Pleiadian Emissaries Of Light 99% of the time. in order to accomplish all that I do, and I find connecting with spirit to be of second nature now! Right now I am in the process of bringing forth Alcyone Light Healing! A Modality I have been channeling in for the past 10 years, and now finally have time, and the resources available to create the course!

I wasn't always running around doing all this work!


In fact just a few years ago I was living in a one room basement apartment with no heat. I had lost my connection to the outside world, and was in a 10 year relationship with a Narcissistic man who slowly took away a lot of my freedoms and will to fight.


I no longer was allowed to work "certain jobs", for various reasons, but mainly control. As a result I lost my credit, bank account, and vehicle. I was often times accused of cheating so stopped leaving the house on a regular basis, and basically was miserable. One of the reasons I think I stayed so long, or allowed things to fall apart so badly was because of my History prior to getting into a commitment with him.


I had been a heroin addict right up until the time him and I became official, and it was my desire to be with him that got me to the methadone clinic. I went every day for 6 months and weaned off the methadone, and for the first time in a long time stayed sober. He used to warn me if I used again he would leave me, yet would regularly get drugs and offer them to me, basically a test.  Anyway I stayed sober, and we lived in a home for a couple years before he went to jail for auto theft, and things just slowly got worse for us from then on.

We were still living in that house when I had my awakening in 2011, I remember things started happening to me and I couldn't explain them. I had a buzz go through my head one day so loudly that it knocked me off my feet. I all of the sudden had tons of information come alive inside of my mind, and whenever I would look up the answers, I would find the info I received was indeed correct. I eventually pieced the dots together and realized I was having a spiritual awakening. I was also discovering that I am a Starseed and the info I was downloading was coming from the Pleiadians. Crazy right? I thought so, and even looked up schizophrenia to see if I was indeed losing my mind.  However I was not and things have only gotten stronger and more connected as time has gone on.

We lost our house and lived in that basement for four years, the last time I was extremely depressed and suicidal was in that basement. I've struggled with depression and a Bi-Polar diagnosis since I was 12 years old, however upon awakening, changing my thoughts, and doing energy work I no longer feel miserable, or have manic moments anymore. I am now able to keep myself going and have been through a lot of loss, such as my Mom passing one year before my youngest sister passing all within the past 2 years. I also finally got out of that basement and away from that man when he went to jail for a long time, and my Dad got out of jail at the same time my ex went in. Dad asked to move in and help me make rent, and just work together as a team, instead of us both starting over with nothing, we could do it together. In the past 3 years everything has changed as a result of many things, but mainly my taking back my power, and my life.

I am now very abundant, happy, successful and still growing!

There is obviously a lot missing from this story here, but I will share all of that in my book I am writing. I've recently had many people ask me when I would write a book, even strangers who do not follow my channels or use my services. I will write in hopes to help others awaken, and or find their own way once awake so they don't spend years in a place they should not be, like I did. The last 5 years of that relationship I knew it was over and I would eventually leave, but it is easier said than done sometimes. That is the problem with narc abuse you never do what you should, when you should or how others think you would.


I hope to inspire a change in others to get out, wake up, and heal themselves from all types of situations. I actually feel there is more than one book for me to write, as Spirit has been giving me downloads and a lot of info to share as of late. I want to help others to heal, to become a healer, learn to be successful doing what they love, whatever that may be!​

Alcyone Light Healing is a little dive into all I have done in the past 10 years, it is crazy to me to even say that, but it is true I have been healing, growing, and learning for the past decade. I now have it all broken down and packaged up into 7 levels of transformation with A.L.H. It is basically a way to help others, with all that I want to help them with, by getting them started with each piece I have worked within along the way. My future classes, workshops, books, and courses will dive even deeper into more specific areas and help others really explore themselves, spirituality, and alignment with their own purpose and businesses.

Certificates and Experience

I went through the Usui Reiki training, but it didn't feel right, soon after my reiki 1 class was over I was guided to New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation and this totally opened me up. NPMDT assisted in my stepping into my own power more and more over time, and led me to other opportunities!


I  hosted a weekly Pleiadian Blue Ray talk Show with Natalie Alaya on YouTube back in 2015, and received the Munay-Ki Rites from her!


I am now a Mentor for the Munay-Ki, as well as a channel for the new Star Rites.

It was about a year after I received the rites I realized they were responsible for many of the new opportunities I am still opening up!

I completed my Reiki Master Teacher Class just because people know what reiki is, and also attended several other classes for a myriad of tools and gifts to awaken.


I also received certification to be an Advanced Aromatherapist and sell my channeled Intentional Manifesting candles, Sprays, roll on's, Bath salts, and more essential oil products plus some other essential items on Etsy and here on my site! Much more is on its way for the store too!


I started reading Tarot about 2 years ago with the help of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, and have grown 2 YouTube channels as a result of putting all my focus on me, and my own promotions. For several years while staying in the basement I bartered to get my certificates and classes, and worked on everyone else's websites, events, and marketing.

I made new websites, ran Facebook pages, created events, shared said events, and did all the web work for other healers in the community. I would also teach and host events at others studios until I was given this beautiful home I am in now. You see this home has space for me to teach here, and a place to host larger events, which I planned to do and continue working with others in the community, but to them I became competition, and was kicked to the curb. I had to drive for Uber in order to make it through the transition but them doing that was the best thing that could of happened. I turned all my website work and promotions towards me, and got consistent on my YouTube channel.


I now have 44k Subscribers on my big account and 14k on my small account. Between those two channels and my social media accounts I have more than enough work to do and people to assist! In fact I have now hired my sister to be my assistant and am in the process of becoming Divine Essentials Inc. It will be official on 1/1/2021!

I also create and channel my own Oracle and tarot cards and sell those on my Etsy shop as well as the store on this website, I have only been doing that for one year but have made over 25 decks and 1600 sales on Etsy!


All in all I would say things are going well and I am finally in the position to turn my focus towards helping others to access new heights and heal their lives!


Alcyone Light Healing is where I am sharing a majority of my teachings and info, but the Munay-Ki Rites and Star Rites are also available worldwide now, and can definitely help assist others to get to where they are meant to be!

Thank you for being here with me and if you have any questions or need something from myself please let me know!


I also offer readings, healing's, activation's, workshops, and training for Munay-Ki, Star RitesNew Paradigm, and Alcyone Light Healing!

I still utilize my knowledge of website creation, marketing, social media marketing, and of course love drawing, writing poetry, and create videos on YouTube to assist others in awakening, Healing, and Growing!


More Teachings will be coming soon!

Alcyone Light Healing

 Alcyone Light Healing, not just a modality, a way of life!! I'm so proud to announce it is now happening on the Divine Essentials YouTube Channel. Every weekend for 52 weeks I will share new videos for you to watch! If you would like to join and change your life please start with the INTRO video and read the description box of each video in the playlists for all levels!

I also offer Pick A Card Tarot Readings on the Bridget Rau YouTube Channel, guided meditations, channeling, and informational teaching on Divine Essentials YouTube Channel!

Bridget Rau