Goddess Activation

These are events where I connect with the Divine Feminine Archetypes and Goddess Energies.

Brigid and Cernunos

This is the first of many events to come where I connect with the Divine Feminine Archetypes and Goddess Energies.

I knew that I'd work with Brigid for the 2/2 night which I did but this event here I was informed of just within the last 48 hours of Cernunos and Brigid starting the series off.

Which is fitting as I find that he is thought to be the very first man God/animal here on the earth. He has been written about and depicted in many ways. The horned god, Green Man, in Wicca, the Green Man has often been used as a representation of the Horned God, a syncretic deity that incorporates aspects of, among others, the Celtic Cernunnos and the Greek Pan.

Also with the extensive Brigid Birdie Bride Bridget and all the Many other ways she manifested herself as both Goddess and Saint, I feel that it makes sense these two would be coupled up or Twin Flames and seem to be much like other ancient stories are where every civilization on the planet has a history with them there in some way or another.

Just like the great flood, similar to the many places all creating pyramids around the same timelines, and again just in religion itself and the stories of Isis and Osiris which mirror Mary and Jesus we see these things expressed again and again.

At the center of this all I believe we are all one and of one conscious creation and we all tap into these different aspects of creation at different times on our journey for different lessons and blessings, but that ultimately you are the creator of your reality and so when we create with intention and respect, as well as ask for assistance from other ancient deities or conscious beings who realized this innate understanding of creation and abundance long ago as well as honor them and keep them alive through our creation life can truly transform.

Join me as we connect to the God and goddess and we embody the creator role with their potent energies assisting to give birth to passion, abundance, desire, creativity, we will ask the poetic words and beauty of Brigid to fill our lips, ask the strength and rebirthing powers of Cernnunos be easily applied to life, and for the eternal flames to assist us in our transmutation and transformation of life.

Feel free to be comfy in bed, on the couch, wherever you would like to be for a meditative like experience with sound healing, guided visualizations, and energetic healing sent via Pleiadian Imprinting in the voice, and frequency through time and space to each and everyone open to receive.

Link is provided above.



Goddess Activation! Divine Mother, Goddess of Time, Creation, preservation & Destruction of Evil

This is the second event in the series of Goddess Activations!

I knew Kali was coming in for awhile now and so I am honoring her and the energy to come and serve with Kali.

Kali is a powerful Goddess she actually is known to kill

and even eat demons. Basically she will stop at nothing to defeat the dark and evil intentions of the low vibrational entities and energies of duality which maybe seeps way down into the darkest of the dark.

She will assist us in finding the inner strength to put an end to the toxic and low vibrational vibrations of life

Whatever you have been hurting from, or stuck within. Anyone who has been sending ill intent or toxic thoughts which may be impacting you on unconscious levels.

We usually feel the energy around us but sometimes we have things slip through unnoticed which likes to hide out and influence you to feel certain feelings and think certain thoughts that really hurt you or block the flow of abundance and light.

Come join me for a evening of energy shifting and connecting with Kali. We will begin with oracle and tarot messages specific to the events energies.

I will ask all to hold a set intention with myself as guided by spirit and then guide you into a journey which will illuminate the darkest and low vibes or limiting beliefs and possible avoided truths which is now needed to let go of for your highest and best.

Once we are clear and illuminated we will allow the light to flow through every cell and atom of being, and reprogram the illusions or fictional beliefs we had held prior.

Then we can allow ourselves to fully embody our truth and divinity in sacred alignment free from darkness and ill evils of the world.

Rent or buy the second Goddess Activation here.


Isis & Osiris

This is the Live Call for Isis & Osiris Goddess Activation

There were many cards used in this call and some have rituals that you can perform on your own and a few were performed Live.

I also added a extra video at the end that is used for the Trailer and can be watched here for free. There is a couple more guided activation meditations in that video

The cards from Gods & Titans

**Osiris Renewal Invocation Used with fast growing seeds and a bed of soil, a green candle, and moon water which is made by placing a jar of water under the moon light at the next full moon to charge

(Light the candle and say) Osiris, you are lord of the dead, but also lord of rebirth Strip from me what holds me back, and in this death, this void of hope, Allow a new path to grow for me.

(hold seeds think of all need for fresh start. think about feeling revitalized healed and whole and transfer this energy and focus on seeds in hand. transfer the power to the seeds and then toss or plant them. As you do say)

Mighty Osiris Grant complete fertility to these seeds May they sprout, may they grow, may they ripen Then may I harvest them for my greatest good

(then take one step in the new direction of life, one action you will perform. when seeds sprout if edible eat them if not enjoy them visually.)

*To remove chaos Card Set - Chaos

center self and have a small bowl of soil or go outside to some dirt. Say

Mighty lord Set I call upon your power you who are strength by my side you who embody the fighting spirit you are the necessary shadow to balance the light royal majesty set I know I am within necessary chaos and asked for change I walk through the desert not knowing which direction to travel protect me and show me through

(state the nature of chaos what you need pick up a handful of dirt allow it to slowly slip through fingers as say)

Lord Set of the storms Allow the wind to be at my back the dust to wash me clean part the way through this storm allow me to see what i need to flourish

(allow rest of sand to fly away and trust meaning will come from the chaos that was.)

**Isis Protection from Goddesses & Sirens when need protection invoke Isis with rose petals, rose incense, dark pink or gold candle. Take a salt bath or shower to cleanse. Light candle and say.

mother Isis, daughter of the infinite Nuit, daughter of the earth rich Geb, Wife of Osiris, whom you healed and gave life to, stretch your wings around me! I ask for protection

(now light rose incense allow smoke to rise and say)

As you watch above all, as you nourish your children, I humbly ask for your love & protection.

(tell Isis what your needs are. be truthful and feel all need to feel. Know she is compassionate and powerful. Imagine her wrap her wings around you lovingly. Say)

I am not afraid. You are with me, Goddess

(Stay as long as need in her embrace. Know she is now watching and protecting.)

**Isis Oracle Temple of Black Obsidian - The meditative experience is recorded Live Invocation

I call upon the temple of obsidian black I call on the love of Isis so strong stronger than any judgement or attack it heals and makes any past wrong I now choose to see the truth of my being whole I see how in this pain I played a role I choose to let pain of judgement be released I choose to love and accept deep peace transformation and healing now come to me I love all parts of my being infinite and free

**The Dark Mysteries-Enter the chamber we did Live you can listen to this again if need Invocation

Sublime Isis dark and sweet through you my hidden self I meet

I honor this self and accept no longer do I fear, shame or reject

You gift me with my self complete Sublime Isis dark and sweet (can repeat several times)

**Scales of Balance is also recorded Live Invocation

The scales are balanced with perfection feminine and masculine in divine connection surrender and strength, body and soul together are loved, united and whole I know when to act and when to rest scales of balance allow harmony to vest Deep within I am now at peace as imbalance I effortlessly now release I feel balance, wholeness and vitality As I balance and heal my divine humanity

**Enter The Chamber Recorded live meditative experience and full ritual Invocation

Healing comes healing flows healing blossoms and it slows I thank lady Isis for her love and light her healing gift through spiritual night brings me now to the light of this day and healing blossoms without delay.