Alcyone Light Healing!

Alcyone Light Healing is happening now!


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Most of Alcyone Light Healing is being taught for free!

The Guided Meditations will be available on YouTube as well as all the teachings.


When there is a paid Activation you will find the link to that Activation in a corresponding video on YouTube.


 The Activations range from $5.55 to $15.55

Depending on their length and how much energy goes into the Activation!

If you need the manual or  pdf weekly planner for Alcyone Light Healing download here!

Alcyone Light Healing is a Star seed modality helping divine feminine's and masculine's balance, heal, and awaken dormant gifts!


Join me in awakening your fullest potential!


   Discover your predominant gifts!


Strengthen your gifts

 Connect with Past Lives

 Access the Galactic Akashic Records

Discover Earths Akashic Records

 Learn Soul Retrieval

 Heal your karma from the Galactic War

Meet Your Spirit Babies

 Connect with The Pleiadian Emissaries Of Light

 Connect with Sirian Dolphins and Whales

Travel the Galactic Ocean

 Learn how to use the Vortex

Experience Cord Cutting

Clear Your Energetic Womb

Learn in person & long distance Healing Sessions

Connect with:

Arcturians for Cellular healing

Lyrans for Manifesting Abundance

Avians for 12D Perspective

Andromedans for Gentle Healing

Sirians for Emotional Healing

and much much more!



Join me as we dive deeper into Alcyone Light Healing a 7 level course!


52 weeks of amazing potential awaits you!!

Activations on Vimeo listed below!

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