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Our Community Cares

Image by Chang Duong


The members of the memberships on Bridget Rau and Divine Essentials channel are offered the chance to share details and a bio about their work and offers this helps them to be seen and found in a otherwise vast sea of others like themselves. This offers the Members a competitive edge so to speak by being part of the Divine Essentials community 

Community is an essential part of most any work these days, especially that of which within the Spiritual Community. Many times the souls who find themselves on one of Bridget's channels, Facebook posts, or groups, Insta feed or stories, TikTok video, or Etsy shop are guided or discovered through divine guidance or synchronicity.

One thing that was pivotal in Bridget becoming someone who trusted and utilized her gifts which has now grown into all that Divine Essentials encompasses and shares was her community in the beginning stages. Every week she practiced at a reiki clinic with others who had just been reiki 1 certified. She immersed herself into the world and oftentimes was there for others events and would stay in case of any walk-in clients looking to get a reading or healing. On top of this she was running the website and Facebook Page as well as maintaining and promoting events and so on on social media. She was doing as much as she could and that is what sparked attention from another center who actually came to the first center she began in and asked her to come host an event, which in turn became her doing the very same things there, Running the website and sharing events and growing the businesses of the community.

Although some things did not end so well or balanced with the community she did learn invaluable lessons and tools that she still uses today in the running of her own business. Had she not started off building and seeing the results from assisting the 2 centers she had then she probably never would have the confidence or know how to do all she has online for her own business.

The way of the world is changing now, and less and less in person things seem to be happening at this time. Almost as if Bridget’s guides brought her along a set timeline which while many were hurt by Covid 19, she actually increased and had the biggest year of Divine Essentials yet. Knowing this and knowing that it is not easy to find support never mind free or inexpensive support or advertising Bridget opened this page to her community. Any healers or readers who wish to feature their bio on the page can submit to

If they wish to offer a service through the shop pages the split is 73/27 for maintenance and advertising. Bridget always paid a 30 to 40% commission on any booking or events held in centers nearby. When switching from the 30 to 40 shop she simply increased her event prices from 25 to 33 and it made up the difference and actually increased in attendees.

About Memberships

Are you a Divine Feminine awaiting union? Or, perhaps you resonate more with being a starseed on a mission.

 Bridget Rau YouTube channel members join for $5.99 and receive support on your journey. Members also receive Free access to Activations of Alcyone Light Healing. As well as Live Readings on the 1st Tues monthly

Divine Essentials YouTube members join for $2.99 and the same benefits are unlocked. They have a Live the 1st Thursday of the month. The group on the members Grouos page is open to the members, as well as the Write Your Life Program free, and the members codes page for ALH activations!

Our Members

Stefania ~ Akashic Master Reiki Energy Intuitive

Stefania is an Akashic Records reader, a Channeler and a Reiki healer.

She was born as an illustrator and graphic designer - that she still loves to do the most - but she embraced the music industry 20 years ago (as she had to meet her twin flame) a job that now still doesn’t resonate with her. Also, she used to love it, as music has an important role on her life from the time she was born. Music helped her to pass it through a difficult period in her life and help her to raise  her vibration.

She started offering her services in 2021 for Divine Essentials but she has been following since March 2020. Stefania went through the Munay Ki Rites, and Star rites, as well as being a student of Akasha readers activation for levels 1 and 2.

She’s going to become a Master Akasha Readers soon.

She is also a Usui Reiki Master, and practitioner of Karmic Reiki
as well as Kundalini reiki. Among these certifications she has also received a channeling certification.

She has no intention to stop it! She works with crystals, symbols, and candles… and is herself a work in progress!

She loves to workout everyday as she has a lot of energy to share and wishes to use it to help others!

Image by Monika Kozub

“everybody I’ve met in my life told me that I’m a force of nature, the soul of the party and my
presence is really appreciated, maybe because I have the capacity to raise the vibration around me
but I never recognized it until now”

From the time she met her Twin she discovered and activate her psychic gift, she’s always known
to have them but she never believe it!


She’s also now going through ALH and starting to use Tarot and Oracle Cards too.


Currently she has totally disconnected from her twin as she has decided to choose herself first! “From the time I made this choice life is totally transformed and charged up for me”

She knows very well the twin flame pain and of the difficult connections and she’d love to help others with any
feelings they may struggle with, but what she’s doing is trying to manifest the life she has always dreamt of for herself!

She’s allowing the Akasha Masters and Archangels to lead her through her path work as her
mission seems to be to work energetically to help other ppl but she never feel ready to do that
until she met Bridget!


“BRIDGET you believe in me and make it real! I’ll be always grateful

Book With Stefania today and connect with her powerful energy!


She is also featured in the shop here on

monika pic.png

Monika K.

SEO Content Writer 

Self-help & Spirituality 


Offered By: Monika Kathpalia

Monika is a freelance writer with an expertise in self-help and spirituality. She started writing for Divine Essentials in 2021. 

She awakened to the world of spirit during the pandemic in 2020. She then allowed spirit to guide her to the right path. She is not a shaman, sage or a healer. It is her purpose to use the healing power of words to help people find the answers they need.

Words can both attract and repel. They can educate, entertain, guide or sell. They can also invite angels or unleash hell. We often underestimate their power. Words are not just important for communication, they are key to self-expression. However, content writing is not just about the words you write. It is about researching your audience, finding out their needs and addressing them right off the bat, so they know that you care about them.

It is also about making your search engine friendly, which involves topic research using SERP analysis, optimizing your work with appropriate keywords, using copywriting techniques to make it sound appealing and making strategies to make your work both google and user-friendly. 

Content writing is as much technical as it is artistic. 

So, if you are a small business owner or someone who needs a writer for a blog, consider contacting us with your content requirements.

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