Top Picks & My Favorites

Amethyst is a powerful Crystal to use in enhancing your clairvoyance, as well as super charging your connection with Ascended masters!

Quartz is an amazing amplifier of all crystals! I absolutely love creating quartz grids by placing a quartz point facing in each direction prior to doing twin flame work, and any healing work!

Opening Sacred Space prior to any spiritual work is a must!

I personally prefer Palo santo over sage, but both are great for cleansing! I also absolutely must have Florida Water for cleaning my crystals, people, spaces, and even use in my car!

Moldavite is one of my absolute favorite stones, energies, and frequencies to work with!! I often burn moldavite, wear the moldavite oil, and keep moldavite nearby when channeling in the star beings!

This is a meteorite type of stone, and packs so much intense energy to connect to the star nations! It is gorgeous and the oil smells incredible!! Like a spicy warm galactic hug! I go through so much of this oil, get your today, you will be glad you did!!