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Thu, Nov 11


Divine Essentials

11/11 Launch of Memberships

11/11 Launching on the day of Vortex and Portal energies of potent Manifesting and intentional creation for Union!

11/11 Launch of Memberships
11/11 Launch of Memberships

Time & Location

Nov 11, 2021, 3:00 AM EST – Nov 15, 2021, 12:00 AM EST

Divine Essentials

About the event

Hello this is Bridget Rau with Divine Essentials! 

11/11 is the Launch of my New Memberships and Soul Coaching Offers!

For those who have been Broken and wish to be Awoken!

Broken to Awoken Soul Coaching is created for the Divine Lovers who wish to reach Union in their lives, not simply in a romantic sense, but as in inner oneness and union with the best self they can be.

Coaching levels will also assist those Divine Feminine Empress Badass Women who are ready to build Empires! 

Essential Empress, she is not building an empire just because, but because it is Essential she does!! The Essential Empress is most likely going to wind up the name of a book I write later, but I have been Broken and Awoken, then grinded and Built an Empire by myself because it was not a matter of should, it was a matter of I could, and would, and had to so I did. 

I have been on a rollercoaster of life for so long but my awakening in 2011 really assisted and changed everything!

I have created a space here for those of you who feel like you want more be it in life, love, career, purpose, or your connection to the stars, there is a level or membership option available that will serve you beautifully!

Those who know they want to do absolutely everything can choose the Essential Empress Master at $22 and unlock access to all levels. If those who came only want business mentoring then the 13.33 Basic Essential Empress will be more than enough. 

Those who only want to recieve a  reading from me once a month, the basic membership Divine Darlings is $5.55 and unlocks a Live Reading event on YouTube or Zoom the First Tuesday every month, and on Monday prior to those who can not join me Live can submit a question via rules and deadlines to the forum as of now.

Those who wish to connect with or are Star Seed Souls may wish to do the membership for $7.77 which unlocks the readings, as well as your choice of a coaching call. We have 2 types here, one for Divine Feminine seeking Union, one for Empress Women building buisness. The starseed group will get weekly updates about energy like trance channeling or auto wrtiting and they will have a Monthly Activation for the Starseeds as well! An amazing deal that will likely increase in price in 2022. The Activations will be linked or shared to the members on the second Tuesday of the month, the nect 2 Tuesdays are associated with DF Union Activations or coaching calls the memberships for DF also include weekly updates impromptu readings, and they can attend the Live Divine Darling Reads the members have the class for coaching with ritual, discussion, and activations monthly for $11.11.

 The second and fourth Thursday is for the Essential Empress Business coaching calls at 7pm. Learn how to get serious, commit to self improvement, educate, inspire, and attract the tribe of your dreams so you can build a monster ass business which supports you effortlessly! Teaching and sharing lots of resources, ebooks, courses, and more coming over the months and weeks. Keep in mind this is brand new and I have a lot to do and catch up with. All to bring benefit and wisdom, and support those who are ready to be better more productive, sensible, peaceful, confident, sexy, single little pre Empress running around building that ultimate dream life!

I have been on the Twin Flame Journey for 22 years at this time and I typically do not share too much with others about him and myself. Or the dynamics, and such we faced, face, and erase over time. Howerver I will say this I can 100% confirm Divine Masculine is Awakening if not Awake already, likely knows you are his Twin Flame or something special he needs a label for, and they are capable of changing the cycle! I saw it with my own eyes beginning of October 2nd was the first time he spoke in months. He has not run away, did not want to but did, but didnt want to do the you know, so we did not more than once and are being friends first. He is changing so much and I am in shock. I knew he was in there. I have been told more in the month than 22 years and I understand why he did what did, or did not. I also know he is still freaked out by me all together anyway. He instantly removed my physical pain though. I was starting to have memory from childhood return, he shared deep feels and emotions, we laughed, and just idk what to say. I just know this is the closest and best we have done in last 5 years, and I hope it sticks around awhile.

I will be guiding you all with not my personal details but my personal understanding of what needs to be done, seen, and acknowledged. When you should probably just turn and run yourself, and when to and how to trust self, love self, and heal so he can mirror that and match that to you!

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