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Mon, May 16



Despacho Ceremony For Gratitude & Abundance

For the Protégé Of Munay Ki and Star Rites. Join me as I create a Despacho for balance and gratitude with Pachamama and set your intentions along with me & learn how to do this yourself for future times.

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Despacho Ceremony For Gratitude & Abundance
Despacho Ceremony For Gratitude & Abundance

Time & Location

May 16, 2022, 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM EDT


About the event

I have decided to offer a Despacho Ceremony to those who have participated with me in the Rites of Munay or Star Rites. Traditionally I have done these on my own or with very small groups of people, and I do have one recorded on the Divine Essentials YouTube Channel when my Mom passed away. 

These are to help restore balance, healing, and right relations with thte universe and the world around us. I have been meaning to do one for awhile now and have forgotton each time I thought to do so. I feel that this is a potent time with the energies this month and I know I could definitely stand to connect with the energy and connection these bring about. 

I feel that the Full Moon Eclipse on the 16th is a pretty crazy intense time to do this so let us go all out and set the intentions to release that which no longer serves us and allow the love and support of the universe and guides tro join and fill us with what we should be connected to in its spaces we leave open. start at 5pm and end probably around 7 the latest. I will not be burning with you all Live because I can not easily bring the laptop and bundle and dogs and everything necessary to do so. However I will share the images and a vid on a blog post within a short time from the event so you can connect to that process.

Before the event please wash hands and if you have it palo santo or sage your space and self. 

You can rub salt between palms of hands and or simply ask to purify your energy and space, opening the vortex is another great way to prepare or call to the 4 directions and archetypes. 


  1. Think about the things you are going to be grateful for x3 
  2. the things you are ready to release x3
  3. and what you will be prepared to work with spirit to co create in your life.

You can write them down to remember during the ceremony and with the Microphones muted I will have you state your things out loud in your own private space or in your head but this way I know that nobody will be put on the spot and still gets the opportunity to state aloud the intents they have in regards to above prompts.

This is a Free Event for those who have gone through the rites, if you wish to make a doantion for energy exchange the links on top of this page are all for that

What Is A Despacho?? and how to make one..

 I will be making the one for us to use on this event but feel free to gather and create your own at home if you wish to do so and keep in mind these get brought to nature so all natural and biodegradable items are best.

A Despacho is a gift  for the organizing principles of the Universe and constitutes the central axis of energetic exchange for healing, reestablishing perfect ayni (right relationship), or protection. The despacho is the living embodiment of the shaman’s landscape of life, that which meets at the level of the soul and ultimately connects to the source of all creation. The despacho ceremony, in its physical beauty, is a journey to the soul of nature, and with the assistance of the spirit world, we explore the energetic inner workings and symbolism of each element of our offerings.

Traditionally, in the Andes, a despacho ceremony is performed (individually or communally) after each earth cycle to renew and re-imprint the powers of nature on our luminous body, to connect with the Universe and accomplish perfect ayni – not for us personally, but for the wellbeing of our “Ayllu” or group.

A despacho brings the shaman into harmonious relationship with Heaven and Earth, aligning the three worlds of the Uhupacha, Kaypacha, Hanqpacha and the archetypical organizing principles of the Universe. Each item of offering represents a prayer and a gift of power that sparks the momentum for energy shifts and healing.

The steps to create your own despacho

Call in sacred space in the way that feels truest for you. Offer your gratitude to the Q’ero people for their generosity of heart in preserving and sharing this practice.

Begin with a large piece of white or colored paper.

This will be the “wrapping” for your offering – think of it as a present.

Fold the paper into thirds one way and then thirds the other way so you have nine squares.

Working within the center square, you begin to layer the burnable objects that have been informed with your breath, so the energetic essence of your prayers is within each one. Make a cross to honor the four directions and a circle that connects us all with sugar in the center of the sheet of paper to open the despacho. Place one open shell in the middle of the prayers, representing the womb of the Earth, our source and birthplace. This holds us, nourishes us, and provides opportunity and safety. The shell represents the cosmic feminine spirit, the ocean, the lakes that are considered the places of origin, and the wombs of all that exists.

Take an offering and allow it to speak to you. You may intend to do this despacho with a specific intention (i.e. to honor the end of a relationship) or it may be open ended. Speak the gratitudes that come up in your heart in relation to the intention for the despacho (or whatever gratitude emerges in the moment) then blow the prayers into your offering. Place it on the paper.

If multiple people are participating, take turns to go around making offerings until all the offerings are used. If doing a despacho on your own, continue to make gratitude offerings until you are complete. You may choose to speak this process out loud as you blow into the items

Wrap the despacho and invite all participants to lift their hands up while closing their eyes for a minute or so to be open to receive from the energy vortex that has been created. Some may receive a message, others a vision. Some may simply know their willingness to be open. When complete, bring your hands to your heart to a moment of silence to say Thank You together.

A suggested list of contents however there really are no rules. Create your prayer bundle in a way that is meaningful to you. Once you have filled the despacho with your prayers and vision for yourself and the Earth, fold the bundle into the shape of a gift; left to right, right to left; then bottom up and top down.

Tie it with a white cord and add one “Qintu” (an organized stack fashioned with three leaves from a native tree, informed with a prayer) tucked into the yarn for any “forgotten prayers.”

Ingredient suggestions and their representations:

  • Large piece of white paper: Envelope of dreams in which we “write” our prayers. Blow your intent for reciprocity and balance in to this empty, folded gift.
  • Sugar: Represents sweetness and love.
  • Qintu: In Peru, they typically use three coca leaves, but you can utilize three small leaves from trees native to your area. We often use bay leaves, so look for leaves about that size.
  • Red and White Carnations: Red for the Earth and white for the mountains. Place a red and a white carnation petal on top of the Qintu (to represent the snow-covered mountains reaching the Heavens) on top of the red petal representing the Earth.
  • Build the foundation of the despacho with the Quintus, informing each with your prayer (use a minimum of 12 Qintus).
  • Cover the Qintus with a little more sugar, representing even more love and sweetness.

Now feed your prayers with a handful of what sustains you:

  • Rice: Fertility and abundance, to bring your prayers into fruition.
  • Various grains: Sustenance.
  • Nuts: Gifts for the Plant People.
  • Beans: For protection, abundance, power places, and the springs that nourish us.
  • Corn: Sustenance, gift back to the Earth for what we have been given.
  • Raisins: Spirits of our ancestors, our blood lineage.
  • Figs: Spirits of the ancient ones who dwell in the sacred mountains.
  • Alphabet noodles: To step outside and beyond language. For anything related to studies: books, learning, knowledge, etc.
  • Animal crackers for animal spirits, and health.

And then add a few more pinches of “sweetness”:

  • Candies, candy hearts, sweet gum drops, candy corn, etc.: Represent everything we are in relationship with.
  • It’s important to give the spirits sweet things and things that we appreciate
  • Chocolate: Pachamama LOVES chocolate.
  • Loose sage or other incense: To feed the elements of the Earth. This opens the higher vibrations and removes heavy energy
  • Black licorice for protection.
  • Gummy or candy frogs: Represent messengers, envoys to carry our prayers; and cycle of waters. Frogs represent the fertility of mother earth and bring fertility to all levels in general
  • “Play” money (one piece): To ensure the success of despacho.
  • Unraveled cotton balls (clouds): Represent aware-time and dream-time. a grid that protects us from falling down
  • Confetti stars: Represent connection to the stars. A moment of connection, celebration, and joy
  • Colored confetti or sprinkles: To celebrate all life.
  • Rainbow yarn: Represents the bridge between the worlds. Rainbow body
  • Red and white ribbons: to honor our path as humans with a physical body (red like blood) and spiritual nature (white). Together they are the ‘hatun ñan’(the great road to stars) Represents the two energies that exists everywhere in our cosmos and lives
  • Flower petals for healing They also contribute to the beauty of the bundle. The  beautiful offering is for the spirits to “eat,” which is why we include the things we appreciate the most.

When you have placed all your items in the despacho, the corners of the large paper are then folded over the contents so that they all overlap at the center to form a smaller square.

Tie the despacho without flipping it over so that all the prayers are sustained.

Offer the Despacho back to the water, fire, or earth. This might happen immediately or it may travel with you until a specific time. Ideally, it is offered within two weeks. It might happen with the whole group present or with one person making the offering.

Each despacho is different. The despacho can be either buried (for slow, steady results) burned (for quicker transformation) or fed to the running waters ceremonially within a reasonable amount of time after it is prepared.

When the despacho is placed into the fire, participants generally do not look towards the flames until after the offering has been burnt. This symbolizes non-attachment to the outcome while others may choose to look at the despacho in silence as it burns as a moment of introspection and going inwards.

Allow yourself to feel the healing effects of feeling full of gratitude. When we can truly say thank you for an experience, we have come to completion with it. In that moment, we can experience healing around an issue that is impossible to get to while we remain in anything other than absolute thankfulness for it. In this way, we learn to let go of the past with grace, which allows a greater opportunity to be present in the emerging moment.

Close sacred space by thanking the energies you invoked for their support.

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