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Wed, Sep 28



Goddess Activation Maat

Maat is a personification of Justice and Truth. At the end of your life you will be met by the underworld and if you do not have a heart as light as a feather then you may want to balance that out.

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Goddess Activation Maat
Goddess Activation Maat

Time & Location

Sep 28, 2022, 9:00 PM EDT – Sep 29, 2022, 11:00 PM EDT


About the event

This is the next event in the Goddess Series with Maat coming in to deliver us balance and justice. 

As mercury positioned Retrograde with the enrgy of Libra and the themes of Justice and Balance coming forward many of us have an opportunity to make things right in our relationships and general lives. Things we set aside and or put off for another time are likely coming back up to the surface to face because we need to balance and clear any karma or unnecessary burdens and weight,

During this even the star I tyically share messages and a little bit about the Goddess energy and synchronicity that has been coming up. I will have oracle cards and a tarot deck that features the different Goddess energies and some of the decks feature not only relevant messages but rituals. I will deliver the relevant messages and then either follow the rituals in the book or make one of my own to honor the goddess.

Being that Maat personified Justice and balance it only seems right that this energy is coming up at the time now. With Libra there is themes of partnerships as well so those who have a love relationship or karmic relationship, or past life karma impacting your life and relations this is likely one tha twill serve you.

Think about the imbalance and injustices weighing on your heart! Is your heart free from burden and weight? Or can you say that you would be able to pass the under world with a heart as light as a feather? If not I invite you to join me for this evening of ritual and balance as well as release and justice.

The Goddess and the energy is intelligent and will assist you as long as you come with a pure heart and pure intention to bring about what is true and what is right in the world. The other evenings have already been recorded I started the Lakshmi and Ixchel recently and stopped out of not having certain items but I will complete theirs possibly in the next week.

The last few days I launched a new Podcast, and been dealing with things that I had stuck in my closet and shut down with when I was frustratede and overwhelmed. 

Not the best choices and will probably cost me a little more time and frustration now but I also found some answers as to why I even do the things like this recently. I had thought possibly I had ADHD as I kept seeing the symptoms an resonating 1000% with all of them, and I was shown a video recommendation on YouTube many times until recently watching it. 

I had wrongfully assumed it was about sound and it was not. It was about the many things in our mind likened to songs. Your parents divorce being one song, the first heart break 2nd song, the person who xyz 3rd song, and so on and so on until you just hear a bunch of songs all at once and it was called trauma noise. 

This can definitely be very much like ADHD but it is brought on by the traumatic events of life and becomes too much over time. Being the amount of trauma and pain and heartbreak and just ughhh from the last 5 years alone many of which I publicly shared and some nobody knows, it leaves a lot to deal with and navigate. 

No wonder why I don't watch TV or leave the safety of my home. 

However, I am happy to hear that there is a reason for the way I was feeling and also realized that because nobody ever guided me or told me how to navigate anything really well when it comes to adulting and emotions and the people I was supposed to at least mirror or mimic were definitely not the best choices to do that with it isn't me being broken or stupid or incapable or wrong or a victim even. It is literally just a case of the blind leading the blind and now I need to take responsibility for me and find the right way or best way for me as best I can and not beat myself up for getting it wrong sometimes. I also need to learn to look at what I have navigated and overcame and figured out already and be proud of that and realize nothing can stop me unless I believe otherwise. 

Was it always fair? was it always fun or easy? NO!

Did it and does it hurt and get really hard somedays? YUP. 

However I am learning more each day and mixing the different tools and resources I find. 

Sometimes I will sweat and get overwhelmed and angry doing things and need to lay down and sleep before I can finish those tasks but I get there and still somehow show up for others too. I have taken on more work lately with private client bookings and it is a struggle to balance everything, but I also know that all will come at the most perfect moment and also Maat will be able to assist me in all the above ah ha moments of the last few weeks too.

I knew the Goddess Activations would be bringing in healing and new insights as well as deeper truths and probably difficult things to say and share, but I am one who just does this messy and crazy life as best I can and hope that by being open and sharing and showing others my process it helps to lighten our hearts and balance out any karmic imbalances accumulated in our past lives or this one.


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