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Wed, Oct 26


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Lillith ♡

The firey and sensual sides we hide shouldn't be held back ♡ embrace your magic and mystery

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Lillith ♡
Lillith ♡

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Oct 26, 2022, 9:00 PM

Live Video

About the event

Appropriate Offerings for Lilith

Regularly leave appropriate offerings for Lilith goddess of the night on her altar. Offerings could include lilies, frankincense, dragon’s blood, water, wine, tea, aphrodisiacs, doll babies, mirrors, hands, candles, images of owls, snakes, cats, dogs, bats, dragons, and spiders.

Intangible offerings like art, song, dance, poetry, sex, prayer, exercise, and more.

Among her many magical domains, Lilith has an intensely lustful nature and rules sex magick. Learn how to manifest your desires with your sexual encounters, both personally and with a partner.

Because Lilith is known as a spirit of the wind, working with the air element in your practice is a perfect way to work with her wild energy. Some ways to incorporate air into your life is to include making and burning incense, smoke and cloud scrying, and or storm magick.

Include Lilith in your rituals, as you feel comfortable. I don’t recommend invoking Lilith into your rituals until you’ve gotten to know her intimately. Developing a relationship with the Queen of the Night is essential before asking her to join your circle OR invoking her power. Her energy is STRONG, often unpredictable. That being said, she is a protective and nurturing deity to her children.

Set up altar space and dedicate it to her. Lilith’s favorite colors are black and red, so incorporate these colors into the altar decor. Candles, incense, and offering bowls are all appropriate. Lilith loves mirrors and plants. Be sure to include her name and/or her symbol at the altar.

Other symbols include: owls, the Hamsa (or hands in general), stars (outer space) decor, dogs, snakes and dragons.

Mirror Scrying

Lilith goddess is known for having a love for mirrors. In fact, there are superstitions about women who look into the mirror for too long…they may become possessed by Lilith’s spirit. Don’t worry about the old legend. Instead of staring at yourself in the mirror, dedicate a mirror for mirror scrying and ask for Lilith’s help. The Goddess of the Night will aide your divination sessions.

. Bat Magick

one of the sacred animals of Lilith is the bat. The bat will appear whenever Lilith is near. I’m not sure if this is the connection to vampirism or something else, but one thing is for sure – if you’re working with Lilith the goddess, consider working with the bat spirit guide as well. Study the species, invoke its energy in your life and magick, and add a bat or two to Lilith’s altar. Even wearing bats on your clothing or accessories is a great way to honor Lilith. They are, after all, creatures of the night. They live in Mother Earth’s womb (in caves). And they have a long history with witches and sorcerers. All things that are also connected to Lilith.

Moon Magick

Lilith is a goddess of the moon. Therefore, by working with the moon’s phases in your life and magick, you’re invoking her lunar energy. Moon magick is pleasing to Lilith and her favorite phases are the Waning and Dark Moon.

The Owl Familiar Spirit

Lilith’s name is synonymous with Screech Owl in Hebrew. Hence the owl is one of her sacred animals. Lilith frequently manifests in the form of a Great Owl. Work with the owl familiar spirit (or the Owl spirit guide) in your practice to honor Lilith and explore the occult mysteries.

Watch Vampire Movies

This might seem odd to some, but remember Lilith has multiple sides to her personality. Just like any other person. While she has a nurturing, motherly side, she also has her dark side. She enjoys any movie that features her name or character, but particularly vampire movies. Fun, right?


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