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Sun, May 15



Pleiadian Q&A Channeled Readings

Messages through trance channeling via Pleiadian Consciousness and Emissaries of Light. Ask and Receive the messages you need to know at this time.

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Pleiadian Q&A Channeled Readings
Pleiadian Q&A Channeled Readings

Time & Location

May 15, 2022, 7:00 PM – 9:00 PM EDT


About the event

As the Pleiadian Lineup begins this opens up a doorway and potent time to receive and change our lives! 

For the lineup I have decided to do a Q&A Trance channeling event like I used to do in the past which had been in person events, but I am opening this one up for a limited amount of seats.

7 seats will be available and members of the paid membership receive 20% off the price of the tickets.

When we do this essentially I will welcome everyone and get into a mode of allowance where I will allow Emissaries to take over the message giving with my body available as the vessel they use to do the delivering and communicating with you. 

I close my eyes and relax, usually inviting all into a similiar vibe with me. 

Through visualization and intent I set usinto a energy that is conducive for the transmissions. 

I open the vortex in a meditative energy and then when the emissaries come in they will announce "we are here". 

They will greet you and then indicate they are ready for the question from who we decide prior to my departing who that will be. 

Then in orderly way again pre determined you can each ask querstions as you get notified from them that they are ready for the next and so on until someone either says this is the last question, which should be told around the last 15 mins of the event, or when they decide to depart. 

There has been times people do not remember to say the this is the last question, and Emissaries left on their own accord exactly at the end of 2 hours. They are better at boundaries than me basically lol.

Depending on the length of questions answers and so on will determine how many times people get a chance to ask one. 

If you do not have a question please prepare yourself before the event with some sort of idea that you want guidance with in life. Or you can say skip me if do not have a question and want to just hear the messages others receive.

Usually those who are drawn to join these events come because of the energy and vibes that will be something all in the event can align to. Or similarity is among the souls in one way or another. I find these to basically end up exactly as they are supposed to be.

The date for this is May 15th the beginning of the lineup!

Every year in May and November we have the opportunity to connect and manifest some amazing things in our lives via the direct alignments between Earth and Pleiades.

This brings us an amazing energy and direct connection to the consciousness from the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light, who are aligned in such a way that we receive and connect beautifully and easily with their messages and guidance. Of course we can do so any time of the year, but it is done so much more strongly and we may see different things playing out or have certain circumstances occur when the lineups happen.

This is a time when the Pleiadians are said to do some of their closest work with the Earth, and when different experiments are at their highest time of movements and motion. This is also a time when walk in souls and walk outs occur, as well as mass awakenings, or missions of specific types will begin or deepen. 

Walk in or out is a soul who leaves or comes into a body for a particular reason or mission, and sometimes happens when one is not doing or too far from repairing the original mission they had beem intended to play in. All is discussed and decided upon in detail with the souls prior to things happening but it is still a crazy experience that often accompanies a near death experince or other traumatic events. 

There may also just be check ins or times that a soul comes to test you or see how you are via the use of a human vessel which they do not intend to use for long. Like an interaction at a gas station or some other small interaction may happen where the walk in comes in and the interaction will be emorabel or of  significance to you. Usually after the interaction has ended and you have time to think and reflect is when people often realize what just occured. 

This is a potent time to change and begin new projects as well. Things that you want to bring in nor abundantly have manifested would be great things to focus on!

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