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Activations for Starseed Souls!

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Starseed Activations!


This is a collection of Starseed Activations, some for the alignment of mission and purpose, some to assist you find your Starseed Origins, and then some for just clearing and manifesting healing and light. There is a soul retrieval which enables you to heal your past into past lives, and many divine beings and light beings of the universe deliver assistance through these transmissions. I primarily channel the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light but many come in and we journey to various places!

Starseed Abundance & Alignment


This is an Activation to help you heal and remember your power, your sacred sexuality, your inner God Goddess, High Priest / Priestess, that You are a Creator ♡ You are a Divine Being. 


Take from this the love and power necessary to create harmony and balance.


Begin the journey back to self to reach Union within and recognize your Counterparts already there. This can help release the resistance and bring them to the physical.


 We don't need to focus so much on all the details, just focus on good happiness and joy showing up for you definitely and surely ♡


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Purpose & Mission

Manifesting, Healing, Reprogramming, Powerful Affirmations  Mantras, Ascended Masters, Beings of Light, Emissaries of Light, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lyran, Vegan, Orion, Andromeda, Pvilia, and many others.

With the use of intention and the energetic Vortex, I take people out of the 3D limitations, and into 5D expansion. Travel through time and space, and remember what you already know,

Dream into being a new life free from illusion, embrace darkness which can be integrated and balanced within duality. Balance feminine and masculine energy, access wisdom of the I Am presence, and attune to deep transformation.

Some may heal with past lives, inner child, soul retrieval.


Sacred Soul Retrieval Activation


This is a Sacred Soul Retrieval for the souls who are pulled to experience this Activation.


A Soul Retrieval is one where the person who listens may have a past life, current, life, or any life in which they experienced a trauma or a part of their soul fragment split off into the collective energy. Here we travel and Retrieve from rewriting the experience of the life we end up within and clear the trauma and pain from the consciousness

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