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Ive been so crazy guys and was hitting wall after wall. Looked at every site and option available to do the next level of stuff I want

I spent tons of money like way too much lol..

Then I was down to decide between a whole new website I build from scratch basically.

Or do the Mighty Network app thing cause it gives me the memberships options and courses. Then I realized when watching a demo that I literally can build it myself

My Dad had asked Me that very question like 10 times he was like why can't you just build it yourself. I was like cause I'm not a programmer or developer. But I was forgetting about a lot of things and focus on the one thing I don't do instead of all I do do

I was so super stressed and then the power went out as I start to sign up for Udemy to host on them and use their site for courses.

My main thing was I don't want to put too much on here and cause it to go too slow.

But I've found a way around that I believe and I can direct you off site for a lot of things once it's paid for the videos can be on Vimeo like I've always done and I've deleted tons off the site that was just sitting and had taken up so much space.

Then last night I was blessed with power back after 4 days without it and a wasted trip to a hotel that was also out of power and took my 122 for that night. (It was worth it in the end) but just more money and weird stuff happening that I know is all connected

I make the perfect thing in my mind and that's not attainable and if I find it will be thousands to do so then I feel inadequate with anything else.

But I realize now that my website literally had everything already that was truly necessary, so I wasn't getting help at all the places I turned and all the people I asked because it was not necessary.

Luckily the 7k only spent 767 before the realized moment of I don't need this. That was a bigger ordeal than that but I'll explain in a video or something to my ladies and if any men are here to them too lol soon. So you don't have it happen to you!!!

I have now settled on building it myself in the website and I have tons to upload and get together here but I've done more with less time before and I'm not launching every course immediately obviously.

So tell me your best needed help and desires so I can make things happen

I am offering group coaching calls to people but there will be 2 different groups and limited private coach options to get started because I'm still building now so I can't be one on one with too many and do everything else

if you know you want private email so I know who and just a idea of what you hope to achieve with coaching so I can best guide and know If it's good fit.


So tell me your biggest hurdle or biggest problem you have so I can discuss the best ways to tackle especially if not able to join paid parts of my work


Ive got to finish Alcyone Light Healing, I upgraded the site here so I can send out way more emails and set off automatically for different reasons which is huge

Now if someone started munay ki every week they will get a email to go on to the next and so on

I've asked a friend to help me set them up and I may recruit more help to do copy and paste stuff cause I have so much stuff it's just a matter of making it available to you within reason and under the correct levels.


There is going to be 4 levels if you want to benefit from any of them 11/11 is my plan I think it's doable for basic stuff to be in the levels waiting for you

Groups like this is where you will be added per the level of membership you sign up to

This group will become the free level

Divine Darlings $5.55

Free monthly readings like on YouTube will be available for founding members

Starseed Souls $7.77 Monthly live readings Monthly starseed Activations and monthly posts and about the star stuff coming in throughout the month

Then Divine Feminine 22.22

Access the levels below &

This will access the monthly live readings

They will also have monthly coaching calls as a group and monthly Twin Flame Union Activations/Healing

I will probably mix up other content through the month like unlisted readings, pic posts and tips and more intimate moments with myself basically share what I am experiencing in my own connection which I don't feel safe doing public level for many reasons

Essential Empress $44.44

This is for my business bases

You can do the live readings monthly

The divine Feminine benefits and your own seperated business Coaching group live call monthly too.

The starseed benefits

Content for all of you will be inclusive of readings and soul Purpose guidance and tips for business.

You will have the discount to apply on any future courses 10% off

Access to things first etc.

Founding members will have access to everything above but the prices will increase after initial launch

The private coaching I've worked up a plan for before but need to edit the format a bit depending on who wants to work with me for what reason and length of time

30 oct 2021

Awesome!! Let me know if you need my help with anything. I will try my best. My main issue I want assistance with is protection. For the most part, I know I have some type of OCD that causes negative thoughts. I have crazy intrusive thoughts n I hate everyone of them lol. But then in one course I was watching, the instructor said that they are just thoughts. Neither do they have to mean anything nor you have to act on them. That's what I like to remind myself. But I know things are getting better. I just did a pendulum free course and experimented with my old necklace today. I asked a few questions I knew the answers to and then asked which starseed I am. Pleiadian got a yes . Sirian Andromeda got a no. With lyrans got a big yess. But I'm just beginning so I know some answers may not be 100% correct. My main thing is I avoid Meditation n things that actually help me out of fear of negative so I need like some thing that will assure that I'm okay. N then the stupid ocd to go away lol

Me gusta
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