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I have to say that I've grown with Wix over the years & we have a weird relationship.

It is also super important to not put your eggs all in a social media basket.

Shit can change in an instant out there.

Think about things like the Vines people who lost their influence with a quickness.

Algorithm mastery one day and complete cricket silence the next!

You definitely want to build up a following where you can. And best you can but a home base is always a smart investment and luckily Websites are really not that expensive.

It's all a matter of who you ask.

IF you have a creative bone in your body then websites should not be too difficult.

If you suck at technology well that's something you will have to grow a bit, but I know from experience I hated WordPress and their generic templates that all share and duplicate.

Same thing happens on the new one too. Shopify it is on my radar but something always keeps me here. With wix..

Probably about 8 years ago I made my Exs Mom a website and LOVED it not her or the site itself but the process.

Went home and begged for a computer and explained my mad science plan. He got me one assured I'd never do what I set out to, and I did a WordPress. was my first attempt at website work for myself. It began a blog of mental health and all things that make me bee. It was not long before I was adding on a Chakra Series and dabbling more in spirit related topics.

Not long after I ended up back on wix and it was a Facebook page with a decent ,following still exists.

I went to a reiki 1 class near my home soon after the chakra stuff, and saw her website was a disaster.

Not sure what gave me confidence to offer the to barter but I did and so began the steps of becoming a healer.

That center then became 2 centers I was promoting on Facebook, and scheduling events, doing all the marketing and promotion work for the people I was meeting.

I made several other Wix sites over the years some free some paid, and they consistently roll out the options and add ons I need at basically the exact money I think I want something or wonder if they have that thing. It's getting scarey how fast it will come now

In the beginning I did totally free website. I used the domain name that ends in and it was ok

I was not aware of many things I know now.

I would do things differently of course but I will always ensure I have a main hub a place I run and connect with my supporters and community

Anna Borring
Heather Schultz
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Aug 22, 2021

I think at end of all it depends your goals too like wix is good to me and for me like I have a weird ass love and hate with them but more often love lol

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