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I had a rough week of idk what to call that but even in the thick of it I managed to watch some vids and learn some things.

I started my course with the coach who healed her Lyme after 4 chronic years of pain and difficulty. She was like I am someday. Literally walking is not in my list of skills and I just wait it out.

I have decided that I will make a group here through my site for each of the memberships options I offer that way I can Gate certain things to certain peeps depending on what they sign on for

This group will be here regardless of memberships and such.

I purchased a actual thing that is to make the courses available with payment options and plans. As well as drip content slowly when appropriate to do so.

I think what will likely happen is an entire overhaul of my website.

Basically make this one less vast and all courses and products can be created an housed with the program I have signed on to

Wix allows for Live streams through the site I would need to schedule an event and such but I am thinking that it might be just as easy to do the YouTube version of things and paste link to lives in the appropriate groups.

There will be the Live Free Reads again at basic level membership.

Then the monthly coach call which I have had some crazy synchronicity show up and confirm to me a idea I was wanting to implement into those

Depending on how many join the coach calls and the vastness of focus among the people who do will dictate if I split into 2 or more coaching calls a month. That's available free as part of other levels in memberships options.

I will probably also allow for drop in rate to be paid as well or for package plans as in you can have 10 tickets to use for x amount. I may allow them to be interchangeable among the readings and coach events.

It would obviously be of most benefit to not come in and out of the coaching groups but I will also be implementing current energy into the monthly sessions. So one month may just really speak to someone while the rest don't

The only other thing I am committing myself to for beginning stages is depending upon which membership one would enter.

one is for DF a monthly energy healing activation will be posted to assist in balancing and reaching oneness. Every month will be influenced by spirit. This is to bring healing alignment to life and assist in manifesting in myriad of ways. Truly becoming Divine Feminine. There will be exclusive content on the forum and blog that will slowly grow over time and DF will be able to access those. The Monthly calls for coaching and the live Reads will be included. As well as early access and special offers that get presented to members only.

The other is a Star Being Energy Healing Activation and will be delivered again based off the collective energy. One month could be Arcturian Ancient Awakening of Light Codes while the next may be Avian and all about new perspectives and 12D gridwork getting laid out. They too receive the monthly coaching and monthly live reading vids as a part of the benefits. Access to gated contents and member only offers that will only be available to members.

I find that themes arise no matter what and I've always done my best with channeling when I don't try to plan it way to far in advance. I used to book my events in person for the month and would usually do a Pleiadian trance channeling Q&A for the furthest week out since it didn't require a set title or topic that was expected to be delivered.

There will also be one top level membership that includes everything I've mentioned thus far. The DF activation, the Star being Activation, the coaching and the live reading video stream, as well as 10% discount on any course I present. The top membership will have first dibs on all the exclusive offers and products. Also will be first consulted about upcoming offers. And have access to gated contents.

One of a kind products will also be shown to members first.

The basic level is for those who simply only want to come to the live readings each month. They will have access to the group here and also know about things before others.

I plan to have things up by 11/11 as my deadline but hope to be ready before then but I am really learning a bunch of new things for this ♡

Many low price and small scale digital products ebooks, how to vids, and courses are coming in connection to many areas.

I've actually had test run of a few things that basically set the ground for what I plan to do in regards to some offers.

♡Etsy Shop Launch

Publishing Etsy Products

Best practices and tips to succeed.

♡Instagram and TikTok as a Divine Soul

♡Facebook for your spiritual community

♡Tarot 101 how I read the energy

♡ Oracle Deck Creation from idea to done

♡ Branding on a Budget Design Your Logo

♡ Design & Done Templates make a Instagram feed that attracts.

♡ Building A Website

♡ YouTube Channel Planning

♡Influencer Marketing

♡Email Marketing

♡Automatic writing with Spirit

♡ Trance Channeling live events

♡ How to trust your gut

♡ Learn To Love Self

♡ Motivation Master

♡ Embodiment of the Creator

♡ Mindset Magic

♡Gratitude Attitude

♡ Starseed Basics for 3d Life

♡ Masculine Magnetics

♡Intuition & Intention

♡Affirmation Activation

♡ Planning for Productivity

♡Manifesting Abundance

♡Soul Mission & purpose

♡Anxiety & Fear Can't Stay Here

♡Crystal Healer 101

♡Sound Healer 101

♡Mesa Building

♡Confident Clarity

♡ Nusta Rites

♡Star Rites

♡ Munay Ki Rites

♡Inner Child Healing

♡Sexual Seduction & Spirituality

♡Channeling & Healing your DM via Sex

♡Telepathic Trust

♡Astral Realm & Lucid Dreams

♡Candle Magic

♡Art of Ritual

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