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Creating An Oracle Deck Doesn't Have To Be Difficult or Costly!

Oracle Card Maker

Oracle Card Maker

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Save Today and unlock the chance to make thousands of dollars and hundreds of decks!

Create your own Oracle or Tarot card Decks for resale and avoid needing Kickstart campaigns, spending thousands on bulk orders, a publisher to approve or even see your submission.

My name is Bridget Rau and Divine Essentials is my business name.

I have 2 YouTube accounts under those names and many many videos, readings, and a lot of decks.

Of those 100s of decks about 27 or so of them were created by, designed by, and purchased by me.

I have a shop on my website you can see see the beautiful and actually pretty popular decks I've made in the past couple years.

A majority was created for love being a Twin Flame reader and channel, a selection of more mature and adult theme is also featured in my Desires series.

As well as a couple of my favorites which reflect my soul and mission by being created.

The Starseed Oracle, now I had known I was to create that Deck awhile before I even got to.

My first decks made I was still teaching myself and I knew in the starseed I wanted images so that one came after my practice run.

I also created a past life Oracle that has a lot of the missing elements I found so many past life oracles did.

Soul Purpose oracle is one that helps people figure out what they are here to do.

Divine Time Oracle is mostly rhymed messages connecting to time and when to or what to do to find our best time.

Ocean of Emotion is one which taps into vast reseviour of emotions and can be used with anyone really.

Then my Divine Tarot is my first Tarot deck made this far. At the moment I have over many more decks all written out by hand the channeled messages that I will place and Design onto cards soon.

However I know many needed and wanted to learn what it is and how it is I do what I do.

So this is 2 hours and a few minutes which will explain in detail the good and bad with the process.

What to do, not do, and what to look out for.

What places have I used and basically a totally free Deck can be made and designed for you to have,

but you would need to purchase the deck in order to get your hard copy and test the Quality and lines.

I also discussed options for those who want to invest a bit and save by doing so.

Not only do I share the steps from creating sacred space and intentions, I also walk you through the subtle little additions and some things that can take a deck from Meh to ohhh yeah!

There is a few places listed to utilize for the creating, making, and shipping of your decks. I talk about how to utilize and show examples of setting up a listing and also tips on how to market a bit.

Basically all the information and steps are here.

Obviously I can't make you an artist or make you able to design well if you aren't already capable, but if you have a deck in you to be released then the spirit guides will assist you to make the best version you can.

My first decks was black and tan and only had the flower of life on the front of each card.

The back was just messages and people still like that deck. Even though I have fancy images and colors and big and small with even some decks now having over 125 cards in them.

The great thing about designing yourself is there is no rules. .

I briefly covered a couple topics with Etsy as that is a platform I utilize and I am open to making a more in depth Etsy Course much like this for any who would want me to, probably 2 videos at least.

One to set up a successful store
One to make a Successful listing

Leave feedback and let me know!

I've only been on Etsy for 2 years now and both years my business passed 100k in sales.

A completely different reality is my life now and it's due to taking power and focus on to me and my work and my business and staying at it consistently!

If you do this then I guarantee you can create a reality that far surpasses your dreams.

Thank you for connecting with me and if you need anything email

The link to the video for vortex

Oracle & Tarot Making Course

Oracle & Tarot Card Making Course teaches you how to start a lucrative side hustle or business for very little down! No bulk order, no back & forth on design. Millions of options, and limitless potential! This is a creative endeavor so please have an eye for design as I can not give you necessary skills for that in a 2 hour class.

Big Savings Apply when you purchase today!

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