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Pleiadian Essentials Meditation

The Bridget Rau channel began years back with Bridget practicing her channeling ability via the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light.

She would do Q&A and answer questions via the Emissaries for the people commenting on her videos.

Occasionally she would create a guided meditation, Activation, or simply a trance channeling from masters of Light to inform the starseeds and any who were pulled to the messages.

After the Twin Flame Conmunity kind of took main stage in the creation of videos for the Channel, Bridget made the second YT Divine Essentials.

This is so she could continue to create meditation, teachings, and anything that is not Twin Flame related. So you will find older videos on Bridget Rau with Starseed support, Healing light codes, and of course many on Divine Essentials YouTube Channel too.

In the coming weeks and moving forward (today is 9/4/21) Bridget is hoping to deliver and broaden her offers online and via YouTube. The plan is to begin Soul Coaching and Mentoring for those who are open to heal and grow and build their gifts and businesses.

A podcast and new topics of interest will be explored and hopefully assist Many more to embrace and embody their gifts and purpose on the planet ♡

Bridget Rau is a Galactic Ambassador channeling in activations, light codes, healing, and expansive meditations for your upliftment and alignment to the universal mind!

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