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Hello my name is Bridget Rau, welcome to Divine Essentials!

For the past several years my journey has been filled with so many amazing opportunities, assisting in awakening pieces of myself I never dreamed were possible. I have lived a somewhat crazy life, overcoming many obstacles, and surviving circumstances which probably should have killed me. For a majority of my life I was miserable, always unhappy about the way life was, and questioning the "norm".

It wasn't until about 2011, when my depression was at an all time high, I began to have these intense moments of information, questions, sounds, light, and a burning desire to know come alive in me! I began to question literally everything, spending days upon days researching, and binge watching webinars, videos, and documentaries on various topics. At this time I had no idea what I wanted, I was considering web design, copy writing, sharing my art, poems, and other creative pursuits, and during all this I was discovering I was a star seed.

In the beginning I was afraid, questioning my sanity, and even spent a few days researching mental illnesses and diagnosing myself with everything but what it was. I was having a spiritual awakening! It took many years before I was even comfortable to share that information with others, and my fiance still thinks I am nuts, lol. I just call him a "fricken human", and have undergone a transformation over these past several years. I began finding other star seeds and spiritually awakened people on Facebook, I eventually was guided to find others in my own community, and began a new step in my journey! I was able to use the knowledge I attained for websites, copy writing, marketing and so forth to assist others in exchange for deepening my spiritual tools.

I went through the Usui Reiki training, but it didn't feel right, soon after I was guided to New Paradigm Multi Dimensional Transformation and this totally opened me up and assisted in my stepping into my own power! I also began a weekly Pleiadian Blue Ray Show with Natalie Alaya, and received the Munay-Ki Rites from her! I am now a Mentor for the Munay-Ki as well as channeling in new Star Rites and it was about a year before I realized this was responsible for many of the new opportunities I am still opening up!

I am now confident in saying I am a Pleiadian Star Seed, but I am also a Galactic Ambassador, for the past several years I didn't know what to say when people ask me what I do, but now I do and I am proud to say it! When I began communicating with the Pleiadian Consciousness they assisted me in remembering, accessing, activating, and downloading so much information into my awareness! I have been channeling and communicating with them daily for so long now I can't really remember what it is like without them.

I am now working on bringing forth Alcyone Light Healing, not just a modality, a way of life, and plan to have this available to those around the world very soon. The light of Alcyone is activated within me, and it is so amazing I only wish to awaken it in others!

I now offer guided meditations channeling in Galactic beings from all over the universe, private one on one readings, healing's, activation's, workshops, and training for Munay-Ki, New Paradigm, as well as offering Light of Alcyone sessions. I still utilize my knowledge of website creation, marketing, social media marketing, and of course love drawing, writing poetry, and now create my own videos on YouTube to assist others in awakening!

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