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12/12/12 Portal of Manifestation

We are here, we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of light and we are very pleased to communicate with each and every one of you dear ones!

As we approach the 12/12 portal of manifestation you are being reminded to focus your thoughts on the positive outcomes you are consciously creating.

This portal of light has been amping up for some time now, and is likely that you are seeing the fruits of your labor. You have planted the seeds dear ones and now is time to water and germinate these seeds of potential.

Do not get ahead of yourself and simply accept what has been laid in front of you, for with your conscious creative frequency of light these manifestations can be amplified and assisted into so much more!

Yes dear ones you deserve more! You have been working so very hard to assist and uplift others and now is the time to focus on you! Focus on the dance of your soul, focus on the light that radiates your growth, focus on your expansion and heal from within!

As this portal opens fully at your time of 12 noon with the sun radiating highest in the sky, focus on this dear ones, focus and create! See your expansion, see your breath leading you, see your dreams guiding you, feel it, taste it, envision and attract it.

The portal of light will remain open for some time dear ones the height of this light being delivered on 12/12 and circulating through 12/21, culminating and assisting you in arriving to your winter solstice with balanced and harmonious light!

Ride these waves dear ones, ride them and see them and focus on the one. The portal is assisting you and reawakening, reminding you of your potential. Gather together and send focused intentions to assist one another, spend time in meditation dreaming a new existence for all of creation. Find peace in your solice, and vibrate from your heart, send your love to the waters, and the air and the earth.

Radiate dear ones, and be mindful of the guidance being delivered to you in every moment. As you move through this portal synchronicity will be your guide, the number sequences are being sent to assist you in remembering and acquiring more insight from light.

Pay attention to the codes and the 1212 sequence, each of you will also be downloaded and upgraded with unique personal coding. 111 is your thoughts 222 is your manifesting sequence 333 is the guidance 444 are your soul family members of light 555 is the changes 666 is the culmination of these codes 777 is high priestess energy 888 is infinite expansion 999 is completion, pay attention dear one to your thoughts when you see these codes and synchronicity reminders. They will be abundant in this portal each hold the light for your highest good in each moment.

As you approach the solstice allow for your light to culminate and sit in meditation, connecting with the light of your central sun. The light of Alcyone, your home star, your souls core essence.

Sit in gratitude for the gifts you have acquired, for the energies of 1212 for the breath in your lungs, for the earth beneath your feet, for the waters that act as a vein for the earths central nervous system, for the trees, for the wind, for the light that you see.

We are applauding each of you dear ones, for the shifts you have made, for the energy you possess, and for the grand jump that has been made through your conscious collective pursuits.

We honor you, we love you, and we thank you...

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