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Winter Solstice Alignment & Integration

We are here, we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of light.

Allow for your consciousness to open dear ones, open to the alignment of energy being brought forth to you at this time. As you connect with these words, and the frequency of our intention, we ask that you be mindful of your breath.

Breathe dear ones, and allow for the connection of our light and your breath to be integrated fully, assisting your expansion! Finding that each word is now in alignment, and assisting your breath.

Allow for your crown to open and expand, aligning with the breath, and connecting to the frequency of each word. Breathe.

pleiadian channeling winter solstice

At this time dear ones many of you are suffering to let go, and to release the old worn out ways. This is causing feelings of anxiety and physical or emotional symptoms to arise. Dear ones we now will activate and begin the Alignment of the codes necessary to combat these feelings of holding on, and all symptoms that have manifested within this vibration! Breathe

Allow for this light, and this energetic connection to ripple out through your breath, into the waves of consciousness, expanding and assisting, and breathe.

Now dear ones connecting to the vibration and frequency of these divine light codes which will impact your vision, your pineal function, and assisting you in gaining new perspective. Allow for connection between our intention and your inner vision now. Feeling the third eye energy center expand. Tingling and warm enegy is being sent through your visions, rippling out into all past, present, and future manifestations existing simultaneously with you now. Breathe

Allow your breath to integrate these energetic codes and activations on a deeper level now, and open your divine expression energy center located within your throat. Breathe. Dear ones we are now guiding these frequencies and light codes into your consciousness into your vision and deep into your expression.

Allow for divine guidance to flow through your words, flow through your breath, and into your creative pursuits. Breathe dear ones, breathe in this light. Activating and Harmonizing, allowing conscious creations to align in this light. Finding the truth of your soul speak within your mind. Hear your soul speak dear ones and trust your own insight. Asking your I Am presence now, what do I need to let go of? Breathe

Dear ones we know that you already knew, and your indecision lays within the cellular memories of things that no longer serve. The vibration of what was is not in alignment with who you are becoming. So dear ones breathe, and allow for alignment with what your soul knows. Releasing Harmonizing balancing the cellular memories, clearing out and Activating the fresh new opportunities aligned with you now!! Breathe

So dear ones, we now ask for you to look into your heart, allow for integration of your breath and our words. Allow for the conscious light pouring in through your crown, to absorb and assist the light in your visions, and Harmonizing with thought. Breathing these codes, these activations of light through your truth center and down into love. Expanding the heart center now, aligning with your truth. Cleansing and healing, and releasing all that no longer serves.

We amplifily the light now, dear ones just breathe, as the energies bombard through your heart and meet within your power center. Activating Harmonizing and aligning with the light. Expand theses codes of light dear ones allow for total integration in through your heart! Magnified in your power, aligning with the confirmation and confidence that assist you in letting go. Releasing the feeling of anxiety and discord through your emotional and physical bodies, dear ones simply Breathe this through you now.

We will now integrate Alignment beginning in your reproductive organs now, within the sacral center of energy. Harmonizing and integrating alignment with this activation assisting you in all relationships. Relationship with yourself, relationship with others, and of course your relationships with divine consciousness. Feeling the pressure and frequency move through you now, activation of light codes pouring through your 4 body system. Breathe

Now dear ones, once again we ask for you to open up fully to this light code activation, and alignment for assistance in traversing the energies of now, and allow for your consciousness to center on your root. Your connection to the physical, to basic needs and survival. Breathe dear ones as we connect energetically on the deepest level possible. Breathe. Now allow for the integration of light, Harmonizing and balancing all 7 energy centers, pulling light and consciousness from the central sun alcyone. Integrating this light and consciousness of the Pleiadian Emissaries of light feeding energetic frequency into each energy center. Breathing these codes through each level of expression and allowing now for the complete harmonization of your 4 body systems. Breathe

Now dear ones find solice and a place to reflect, connecting with this transmission of light, through the 1212 portal, through Emissaries of light, through the divine sacred solstice energy which is assisting you now. Take time to focus on attracting what will assist you the most, breathe out the old and envision a new light!!

We honor each of you, and these words hold the light, over the next coming weeks refer to this energy and frequency in moments of unease.

We are here awaiting your calls, fully prepared to assist you and reawakening the divine blue print you incarnated with. So dear ones just ask, just speak within your mind, and allow for Harmonizing and alignment with your I am and your guides!

We honor you, we thank you, and we love you.

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