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Listen to the Call

Listen to the Call!

We are here dear ones, we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of light and we are pleased to bring forth this message to the collective at this time!

As you navigate through your day to day lives your guides, and the collective consciousness are delivering to you in every moment, guidance, counsel, confirmation, and light!

We understand that at times you may be feeling detached and far from alignment with your highest good, but we assure you this is simply not so. You are expanding and growing so much more rapidly now, and the lessons, the duality, the obstacles you face are simply assisting you to grow and ignite a brighter light!

The energy waves which have come in within your present now moments have been coded and designed to help speed up the process of healing and releasing needed most now!

These waves have been clearing out the old worn out ways, and making a path to ensure the new cycle of light and beginnings are in alignment, assisting, and supporting your every need to expand and make a difference within your incarnation!

You have a high calling dear ones, and you know who you are, you are accessing so much more of your true core self now, and we applaud you and your growth! You have been through so much more than the people who you are assisting, and this is allowing you to come from a genuine place of compassion and empathy! You hold within you the innate ability to heal, uplift, and assist all those in need upon your planet, and there are many!

As you move forward look deep within yourself, accessing the light you have stored within your divine blue prints, and activating more of the divine light codes, frequency, and energy which has been called for now!

So many of you heard the call! You know there is more to be done, more to heal, more to assist, and you are searching for the path to do so with a bigger impact. Well dear ones you are doing this in every moment, and you already know exactly how to do what you were sent here to do, heal!

Follow the whispers, take action on the ideas, remember your dreams, and trust, trust, Trust your inner sight! Many of you are seeing even more now with your inner vision and third eye, however these moments may seem fleeting, and you don't always trust! Again we remind you to trust! If you can not trust your own inner vision then how do you expect to decipher the messages and grow? Yes, trust your insight now dear ones, and ask for more sight, take full action on your intuition and allow the waves that have come in to assist you in flowing just right!

We remind you again of how exponentially important each of you are, and this opportunity present before you now is one unlike any other! Now is your time to jump in and grow, to make a whole new path, a new way of life, a new way of being the divine sacred beings each of you are!!

Listen dear ones, answer that call, and take action on the light that pours out from you now!

Gather with those of a like minded nature, allow yourself to be nurtured and accept assistance from your tribe! With this Momentus opportunity present to grow and expand, so too is the time to do for your soul, and to take care of the light that is shining so bright! As you reach out to others with a light shining bright, your ripples merge together and send out the call to so many others who are still sleeping in the night!

Now is the time dear ones, honor your soul, honor your worth, take moments to heal your soul, expand, grow, and send out the call as you answer your own!

We honor you, we thank you, and we love you!

~Pleiadian Emissaries of Light

Channeling by Bridget Rau

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