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Emit Your Light Energy Practice

We are here, we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of light dear ones, and we are so very pleased to communicate with you!

Energies upon your planet have been effecting the star seeds in many ways for many years, however the energies and their side effects, as of late, have been seemingly more intense than ever before.

Each of you experience these effects in your own unique way, but we have come across patterns, and sectors of those whom are awakening, or on the path for some time, to be having similar experiences and reactions.

We would like for you to see yourselves in a new way, imagine if you will, your entire body being made up of light, for it indeed is. Now imagine every cell, every atom, every piece of DNA emitting the light of a star. See how bright you shine, and ask that this light transmute and release all that is no longer in alignment with your souls divine blue prints.

We see that some of you have been experiencing an abundance of creativity and a high flow of energy and ideas. New ways of expression and a new way of being and living. For some of you this feels amazing, and you have begun the appropriate steps into alignment with these plans and ideas.

For others you have began the focus into these new areas of expansion, however you have complicated these expressions, and therefore you have limited yourself by creating barriers from that which you wish to achieve.

Some of you are experiencing an abundance of energy and wanting to "clean house", being pushed to de-clutter your 3rd dimensional reality, and therefore give space to your inner workings as well.

While others are feeling drained, exhausted, and unable to complete the most simple task at hand. This again effects you within your spiritual and mental areas of existence, and it can become difficult for you to even remain with a thought.

For all of you the answer is simple, it is ingrained in your core essence, it is really quite simple for you to either clear the resistance you are creating, or ride the wave of expansion you are experiencing and continue it out into a larger scale!

Again we will put it into terms as simple as possible for you to integrate into your paradigm and consciousness. First you must find which of these examples we have given feel right for your energy in this now moment.

When you recognize which truly resonates on your inner levels you can accept this frequency for what it is. Now assess whether this is a frequency you would like to remain in, or one you would like to shift.

Either way there is always room for expansion, and always a way to rise a little higher into alignment. So now that you have accepted where you are, and you have taken inventory on how this is effective in your expression through consciousness, it is time to bring into the light all that is in need of being released.

Allow yourself to lay down in a comfortable area, preferably within a dark room, perhaps with soft music, aromatherapy, or whatever you find assistance through while connecting.

Tune into your higher self, asking your guides, masters, multidimensional beings to assist you and support you, surrounded in white light. Imagine yourself being engulfed and protected by this light, and see your idea of consciousness as it rises to connect with your higher self.

Ask your higher self if you have taken correct inventory of your current reality, and begin to list off the aspects of self which are ready to be released. Each time you do this see your physical body as it shines made up of billions of little stars. Each time you release an aspect the stars shine brighter and brighter.

Now when you have completed this process ask your higher self, your guides, and source consciousness to download and install the highest quotient of light, and frequency into your being. Watch as your stars begin to glow so bright and emit so much light that your entire being becomes one bright light!

Then dear ones realize that this is you, this is your truest version of self, and that all else is an illusion. You are light, you are pure divine essence of consciousness. Only when you allow for the thoughts of separation from this being of purity that you are do your stars begin to dull. Only when you allow others to effect your core essence and peace does this light dim down. Whenever you begin to feel that your light has been diminished among darkness, remember this process. Sit and take a moment to recharge that brilliant light that you have shined for all time. As you work this into your daily routine you will find that it takes more and more contrast to impact the light that you radiate.

Practice this for 30 days and see the shifts that your life will make on its own, see a deeper connection to your inner self, a deeper understanding of consciousness, and a knowing of how important each and every thought is! Recognize your roll as the creator in your self, and teach others to recognize this light in themselves!

We honor each of you, we thank you for your dedication to the Earth and all of creation at this time, and we ask that you share this practice with all. As we come together and rise, affecting the global consciousness and then rippling out into the collective consciousness, so much more will become available to you!

Shine bright dear ones ~ it is so needed now

Pleiadian Emissaries of light

Channeling by Bridget Rau Pleiadian Essentials Divine Essentials

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