November Specials (Honoring Pleiadian Lineup)

November is almost here!! One of my Favorite times to connect with and channel through the divine messages of the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light!!

Why? Because November is one of the two times a year the Pleiadian lineup happens!!

What is the Pleiadian Lineup? Well simply it is when the Earth and stars of Pleiades are aligned in such a way that they are actually lined up directly, allowing for a more powerful and open communication!

This is a time when the Pleiadians are said to do special projects, and connect with the star seeds in unique and unusual ways! The dates for the Pleiadian Lineup are May 15th - 20th and November 15th - 20th. The height of the lineup happens on the 17th, 18th, 19th.

I remember when I first stumbled upon this information, back when I thought I was crazy, the beginning of my awakening, questioning if I was really from the Pleiadian consciousness. I was putting random things into google search, I put my birthday in May 18th, Pleiadian, and was brought to the information about the lineup! There on a all black and white website was my birthdate in red bold text! This was the final synchronicity and message that finally brought me to accepting that yes I am definitely a starseed.

So now every year since I have connected with, had amazing experiences, and absolutely love bringing through the messages of the Emissaries!

I have decided to offer a Special and allow for everyone to receive and connect with the Pleiadian Emissaries this November!

Private Channeled Healing Sessions are done in person, come lay down in my sacred space. I will connect with and place the appropriate crystals on the body and below the table, opening a vortex to connect with Alcyone, the brightest star of Pleiades, and connecting with the Pleiadian Consciousness. I will then channel and guide you on a personal divine journey specific to you and what is needed most for your expansion! As we travel through the stars and universe, you will feel expansion and healing happening on all levels, physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental.

I will also be offering the koto kuna karpay Pleiadian Star rite this month, channeling energy through my hands directly to the body, working on the 7 major chakras, bringing forth the specific energy of the 7 stars of the Pleiades for each chakra, to balance and align them. This is a shamanic practice or rite of passage known as koto kuna karpay, and has been practiced for ages, I bring a new spin on this work, and tune in to make each session specific to the person on the table.

Private Channeled Automatic Writing Readings are available to everyone, anywhere in the world! Again I will be working in my sacred space, you may choose to have a in person session or a session from anywhere you feel comfortable. Usually I will ask you if there are any specific questions you wish to ask the Emissaries of light, or specific topics you would like to receive information about. If you like you can choose to be open to receive any guidance needed for your Highest Good at this time. Either way is perfectly fine, and messages will come through in the form of energy and frequency, which I will then channel into words. I again use a vortex to connect with Alcyone, and Pleiadian Consciousness to deliver your divine messages of light!

These sessions are usually $77, but for the month of November only it is just $44!!

Book Now by contacting me at

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