Twin Flame & the Soul Cry

I have been wanting to talk a bit about the twin flame energies and connections, reminding people to explore and be sure to enter into divine union with the right person! We all have the divine right to love and be loved, join me for a mini soul cry meditation to open up and invite in the true twin flame energies on all levels!

The first several minutes of this video I discuss my take on the twin flame reunion and experiences, then share a short meditation to assist you in reconnecting or finding the true divine counterpart!

If you would like me to discuss any topics, or post a particular type of meditation please let me know in the comments!

Have you met your twin flame? Or have you experienced the false twin flame? I would love to hear your experiences!

I also offer channeled automatic writing readings, for the month of November these readings are just $44 for an hour!! $22 for a half hour!

If you would like to ask the Pleiadian Emissaries any questions in regards to your Divine Counterpart, twin flame, abundance, health, career, finances, family, etc... please send me a message and I can email you photos of your hand written reading!

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