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Healing The Root Chakra To Bring More Stability In Your Life

Root Chakra (foundation)

The Root Chakra is your foundation…

Associated Issues; Instinct, Safety, Survival, Grounding, Family, Security, Boundaries, & new beginnings…

Associated Body Parts; Coccyx, Anus, Lrg. Intestine, Adrenal Glands, Back, Legs, Feet, & Bones…

The overall well-being of this chakra is related to your childhood & upbringing. This chakra stores core tribal beliefs and family wounds. Exploring these core beliefs and taking inventory on how they may or may not be assisting in serving your highest good can greatly improve your life. Releasing the limiting beliefs tied to loyalty and family expectations is a truly liberating process.

Relationship and trust issues also originate within the base chakra. As well as fear and security concerns related to the maintaining of employment, securing savings, and the flow of your income. All of these issues can be healed, shifting your thoughts, beliefs, and actions will allow you to experience the safety you deserve.

If you are experiencing any ailments within the associated body parts, they too can be improved upon through the clearing, healing, and balancing of the Root Chakra…

There are various techniques and therapeutic tools available for the healing and balancing of each chakra...

The Root Chakra


Color: Red

Element: Earth

  • Color Therapy – Wearing red encourages an energetic balance with the Root Chakra

  • Aromatherapy– The Root Chakra is associated with the sense of smell & certain scents can be very beneficial, such as; vetiver, nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, myrrh, & patchouli.

  • Sound Therapy – Listening to music played in Keynote C or in the frequency of 256HZ is effective in the balancing of the Root Chakra as well as natural sounds like thunderstorms, and earthquakes. The Root Chakra’s mantra is Lam...

  • Sensory Therapy – Participating in Yoga Classes, and exercising improves chakra health.

  • Meditation – Practicing meditation while outdoors & siiting on the ground benefits to ground and balance.

  • Energy Therapy – Services and Energy Healing Sessions like Reiki, Crystal Healing, New Paradigm, or ThetaHealing all greatly improve the health and energy flow within all chakras!

*The Root Chakra is vital to the health of your chakra system, since energy travels upwards, ensuring the energy is not blocked within the base is key to your overall health!​

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