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Balancing the Sacral Chakra

The Sacral Chakra is your creative expressions…

Associated Issues; Creativity, Sexuality, Money, Relationships, Empathy, Nurturing, Pleasure, Emotions, Movement, Change, Warmth, & Intimacy

Associated Body Parts; Hips, Lower Back, Sexual Organs, Bladder, Kidneys, Stomach, Lrg. Intestine, Pelvis, Appendix, & bodily fluids.

It’s not always easy to go with the flow when it comes to our lives. Self acceptance can appear to be an unrealistic goal in the big scheme of things. Social programming and mainstream media create fear, anxiety, and self doubt in those exposed to the messages. Society has set some pretty high standards resulting in the majority of people feeling inadequate and unable to appreciate their own achievements. We are constantly being shown unrealistic representations of life, and being diagnosed with conditions ultimately leading to a negative perception of self.

Many of us are never truly comfortable in our own skin, which can manifest issues in many areas of our lives. It’s easy to fall into the pattern of allowing fears, trust issues, blame, guilt, and shame to control our lives. Maybe you are afraid of losing your significant other to someone more appealing. Perhaps your financial security and social status weighs heavily on your mind. Feeling like your’e not good enough, someone else is better, or even superior can really impact personal relationships, and distort the perceptions we have in regards to our own lives.

Leaving these emotional issues unchecked could eventually lead to physical pain & discomfort. When we aren’t in the habit of expressing emotions, both our energetic & physical bodies suffer!

The Sacral Chakra /


Color: Orange

Element: Water

  • Color Therapy – Wearing orange enhances the expression of feelings & openness

  • Aromatherapy– Support balance with Sandalwood, tangerine, orange, geranium, & texas cedarwood

  • Sound Therapy – Sensual sounds played in Key note D or in the frequency of 288HZ is effective in the balancing of the Sacral Chakra, as well as natural sounds such as ocean/rain/water falls. The Sacral Chakra’s mantra is Vam ..

  • Sensory Therapy – Sacral Chakra is associated with the element of water. Creating a chakra bath and making a body scrub is beneficial.

  • Meditation – Focusing on emotional expression during meditation will help to improve balance.

  • Yoga Exercise and creative outputs such as painting, writing, composing, & acting will help to balance the creative energies of the Sacral Chakra!

  • Energy Therapy – Services and Energy Healing Sessions like Reiki, Crystal Healing, New Paradigm, or ThetaHealing all greatly improve the health and energy flow within all chakras!

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