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Karmic Cleanse Equinox Energy Wave

We are here we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of Light. We see you dear ones, we see each moment, each thought, each frequency you emit, and we wish for you to know you are not alone. Each of you are undergoing major changes, and shifts to your 3D, 4D, and 5D, bodies. Many are experiencing karmic clearances, cellular healing, cellular imprint cleansing, and incredible lessons which will serve you in your roles upon Gaia. As the ever increasing energy waves grow and expand we stay stationed in love, in connection with your I Am presence, awaiting your calls, awaiting the opportunity to assist each and everyone of You! Be gentle with yourselves, and realize these lessons, shifts, and experiences are shaping your new world, your new reality! You are all doing so much work energetically. We wish for you to see the results of your efforts, in the way we see them. Close your eyes, place your hand over your hearts, and ask to see the world. When you have that vision set, ask to see the effect of your energy! Ask to be shown in golden threads, and see just how intricate you are to the whole. See how far each thought, each intention, each thread spreads. After you see this ask to see the energy of those in your tribe, these are those who possess a similar frequency, and just know that these beings are all around the world. Now Ask to see the collective of these energies intertwined and growing! See how far and wide the golden threads reach and continue to shift! Now ask to see the threaded frequency of silver, this represents those on a similar mission but possessing much different frequencies, and now see how intricate and woven into the golden frequencies these energies are. How far and wide the collective intentions are spreading, and know that this is what we see! There are a multitude of colors, frequency, energy, and threads woven across Gaia at this Time! Each possessing it's own energy and light codes. This is what you will see in the physical planes as you fully allow yourself to open to the magnitude of your combined efforts and light! Finally dear ones ask for us to assist You! Your free will is what stands between us and your upliftment, you must ask us to show you, to assist you, to help You! All of you are working so hard, and yes at times you may feel alone, feel sadness, feel darkness, feel grief, or anger. Dear ones this is part of the human experience, this is what you signed on for. You have come into this life with a mission and purpose and you are not alone! You are one of many, you are one of the all. As the waves of energy build so too does your own transformation, lessons, and frequency. Know that each of you are representative of a certain coding, sent to assist in the recoding and calibration of Gaia's frequency and light. At this time you may fall into many of the lessons, and shifts happening, and just know that no matter where you are at this is what you designed for yourself. You have set the path long before you ever took a breath. Indications of straying from that path arise in a myriad of ways, but they also will assist you to find your way back. There are also many indications you are indeed upon the path you had fully intended and in your heart, in your soul, you will know! There are many energetic experiences happening for all beings at this time, no matter the frequency, so please understand you are all in this together, and the biggest mission at hand is unity consciousness. Love one another no matter What! Compassion and kindness will assist your evolution and further your expansion. Do not allow the actions of others to weigh you down or pull you in a direction not of your own. Some of the collective lessons we have observed are pushing you to stand in your power! Stand and speak up for yourself! Speak on what is right. What is just! Do not allow others to make you feel obligated or indebted to them for their own actions. If you find those on your path who offer you something be sure to read the fine print of energy attached to these "gifts/gestures". What are the expectations placed upon you if you accept this offer? Mediation and inner reflection will greatly assist you in avoiding regret or conflict. If you find yourself in one of these situations, you must speak up and set boundaries for self. Do not feel obligated to accept another's standard or ecpectation, do not follow onto a path that does not resonate, and be sure you surround yourself with those of a similar or higher vibration so that these situations do not present at all. If you are working through a situation in connection to this ask us for assistance in manifesting the correct words, and boundaries to further protect self. Know that this is a lesson and will assist your future endeavors and decisions. Give gratitude for all of the good, and learn from the lower vibrations. There are many levels to these karmic attachments and lessons, there are many lessons being created by self as well. Some of you may be struggling with falling into old patterns or behavior. Some are finally recognizing their behaviours in need of shifting, and are doing all they can to accomplish this. For those of you who are in this cycle stay strong in your work for self, and take the opinions of others lightly, all that truly matters is the connection with self. Do your best in transforming old patterns or beliefs, and ignore the naysayers or negative opinions from others. Another karmic lesson being shown at this time is again in connection to your soul tribe/family. You may find those you had originally vibrated with in harmony are beginning to shift out of unison. For some this is an indicator to move beyond the relationships, and for others it's a indication you already have. You may feel the pull to retreat and lock yourself away, we urge you to not do so. We urge you to ask us to present the right vibrational match for your empowerment. We also urge you to hold on a bit longer and give room to those who are shifting to finish their karmic cleansing, and stay grounded in being a pillar of strength for those who are moving through ego or lower vibrational actions. Staying in a place of unconditional love and allowing for those who need to work through their karma will reap many rewards for all connected and effected. In the past many have run from those who shown a slight bit of change or behavior that hurt. Know that any hurt you feel connected to another is simply showing you something to shift, to speak up about, and to rise above. However dear ones there will be those whom you must sever all connections to. You already know in your heart and in your soul who these people are. Do not feel guilt in removing those from your path who hinder your growth. Simply express your divine truth, express your boundaries, and give the honor of explaining to those you must walk away from why you have to do so. This will greatly assist them and yourself, and when the karmic lesson has completed many of you may indeed find yourselves reuniting and in harmonic connection once again. Again it has all been laid out and chosen prior to your incarnation, so just honor self, love each other, and allow the journey to unfold as it is designed. There is also a call for expansion at this time for all, and so know dear ones that should be your main concern or focus at this time. Take the focus off what another does and focus on expansion of self. If you are at all capable of assisting another in their expansion then we urge you to assist, again this will harvest great rewards for self as well. Release separation, release resentment, release fear, release jealousy, release any lower vibration feeling, and instead send love, embody love, and know that your intentions are all that matter. At the end of each day look back over your actions, and the intentions connected to those actions. Were they of love? Were they necessary? Were they authentic? If you can answer yes to all of these questions then know you did all you could do and rest easy. If you look through the eyes of truth and find that any action was taken out of fear, was not necessary, or was not authentic, then simply set the intention to do your best in creating a reality in which this is so. Do not dwell in regret, do not dwell in guilt or questioning of oneself. Simply try your best to shift into who you are becoming! Many of you will be finding new ways to evolve, grow, and expand, and many will be inspired by you. Give freely of your love, place value on your self, stay firm within your boundaries, and know that abundance is upon you now. There is a divine harvest to be had by all, when you see through the ancient eyes you see from oneness! Dear ones know that you are one with all and you are the change you have been awaiting, new earth is here, it is simply a matter of recognition, and of walking the path in truth. We honor you, we thank you, and we love you! In Munay Namaste, Channeled by Bridget Rau Divine Essentials 

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