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Pleiadian Light Body Integration and Third Eye Expansion

Today I received this beautiful new moldavite crystal bowl for the third eye!!

Moldavite is an incredible crystal for star seeded souls and used in connecting to the star energies! The tone of this bowl is incredibly uplifting and will assist in opening your ancient eyes! The eyes of your soul!

I was inspired to channel this  meditation  for the star seeded souls, and all those ready to integrate their I Am presence on all levels! Simply open to receive, relax, and breathe in the energies of Light! Don't forget to Subscribe for notification on new readings, meditations, and events!! I have a Live Pleiadian Trance Channeling Event coming up soon too!! Dates and times will be posted on the Divine Essentials Page  and the  Pleiadian Essentials Page on Facebook! This event opens up the communication with Emissaries of Light to ask your questions or simply be open to receive! For more information about all my offerings visit 

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