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Arcturian Cellular Healing Activation 🕉

The Arcturians are an incredibly powerful and advanced race of beings who assist in healing cellular memories, energetic imprints, memories, and limitations.

Hello there,this is Bridget and my blog bots have told me that many are still clicking on this post in later years. This is for an event I hosted and offered in person awhile ago. However my YouTube Channel Divine Essentials is a place you can enjoy many different Activations and meditation now.

During the last level of Alcyone Light Healing I will be doing a couple Guided with the Arcturian Councils, and that should be not too distant from now. June 2021

I have slowed way down in recent months due to Tick Born related issues, and the compromise to the immune system as well as energies. I have been pretty well under attack spiritually speaking too, and have learned to lay low and be willing to listen to my guides as to when and what to do in response. As it stands now I am just becoming aware of many people and places the energy originates from and how to best present myself going forward to heal these issues.

Many times people here aren't even aware of the impacts they are having on others. Simply being jealous or emotional Trigger responses due to things I may say in my public readings have had bad effects on me over time.. Now that many videos reach over 40k on Bridget Rau channel and 12k on Instagram, nevermind the Divine Essentials Channel and TikTok and Facebook, as we'll as Etsy which I have connected to many on as well.. It is just more intense for someone who has the empath curse to the degree I do.

I will level out and rise up again as always have and will be back and better than before. Im just starting to realize the more we do in name of Light the more dark comes to fight as well. Duality at its finest on planet Earth.

Join the Arcturian Councils for a journey into the light and expansion they offer us. Receive energetic symbols, and open up to releasing that which no longer serves you. 

Allow the vibrations and frequencies of gongs, crystal singing bowls, as well as my new Moldavite singing bowl for the third eye ♡, and other sound healing tools to assist your physical body in receiving.

Moldavite is an amazing tool for connecting with the energy of star beings and star frequency! I use moldavite oil, incense, and crystals to enhance my own connection and channelings!

 ♡ Simply lay back and allow for your soul to heal, your cells to be recalibrated, and an expansion of awareness on all levels.

This guided connection was recorded Live and the use of headphones are suggested for overall results and sound healing therapy. ♡

Bridget Rau of Divine Essentials is a channel for the Galactic Consciousness and beings of higher dimensional awareness! 

If you would like to book a private session or reading please message send a message to 

30 min sessions $44

60 min sessions $88

Offering channeled automatic writing readings, trance channeling, Oracle card readings, and intuitive guidance from the emissaries of light ♡

Healing sessions blend reiki, NPMDT, Munay Ki, aromatherapy, and sound healing therapy. Choose to receive a guided channeled session with hands on, or receive in silence ♡

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