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Interconnected Energy Update ♡

Hello dear ones! My name is Bridget (Bee) whatever you want to call me. I have been channeling messages from the pleiadian emissaries of light for some time now.

Over these years so much has shifted, and so much of my life has changed for the better! Usually when I write these messages I include a photo of the stars, or sacred geometry, etc... tonight I received a message and a vibration that was so interconnected and expansive, I chose to include this photo.

Why? Well, because I am a part of the interconnected message, as well as that beautiful Smokey Citrine generator I am holding. I will be completely honest, I went to look for a photo to capture the essence of the message I received, but this is the one that felt most appropriate.  

Many have been talking about "the shift" or the incoming waves of energy. Many have been focusing on the concept of twin flame union, and looking outside of themselves for answers. I too have been guilty of this.

 There are some who have gone into darkness, hence the dark knight of the soul, and some have just chosen to ignore their inner light. Even echoing out into the halls of consciousness asking to keep the light out. 

The message I was given so many years ago still rings true in this moment, search within and heal yourself. This message is another interconnected piece of the puzzle, a piece of the energy vibration that just rippled through me moments prior to my deciding to write this. 

To be honest I don't even know where to begin, or how to truly place 3D words on the frequency coming in at this time. 

When I close my eyes I see many pillars of light, vertical, all hues of purple and white. So I will begin there and work my way through this as best I can. 

Again usually these messages are written from the Emissaries perspective, but by the end of this message I hope you will understand why I am writing in my own voice, and frequency.

We are all opening up now, even those who have asked to be shielded from the light, and particularly those in the throws of the dark knight of the soul. 

These pillars of light are here, in this now moment, so close your eyes, breathe, and allow them to enter! These pillars are awakening divine understanding, and connecting you even more to the teachings of your I Am presence! Your main guide, your angel, your ascended masters, whatever you want to call them, at the core of consciousness it is innately you. 

Am I saying that you do not have guides? No, of course you have guides, of course their are levels of consciousness and frequency seperate from your own, what I am saying is, in its purest form it is all one, and the separation is just an illusion. 

These white pillars of light are representative of all, of oneness, of self, and of that divine light within you. Search within and you will see.

The purple pillars in all hues and frequency are also here to connect to your ancient eyes, the eyes of your soul. The eyes that see beyond the veil, beyond illusion, beyond ego. These pillars are also carrying the frequency of the Violet flame, and they are here to assist in transmutation, healing the layers of separation, and awakening your inner vision. This will happen even more so in each moment of conscious connection to the fact they are here. 

So again I say close your eyes and truly see, look within and connect to these pillars of light! 

As for "the event", the "waves" of energy, and the expectations being built based around something happening outside of yourself is again an illusion. It has been created out of misunderstanding, or misinterpreted information. All of this is to be felt from within, you are not going to just wake up and see a new world surround you, people will not simply vanish because they haven't done the work, or because they haven't awoken enough to these understandings. 

Let me remind you, we are all one, and we are all interconnected, each person, each frequency, all plays a part in the whole. 

It is time to release these concepts of seperation, release the idea of just waking up to a different experience, and realize your the creator of your reality. You must go inward to awaken, accelerate, and shift the world in which you dwell.

As you harness this power, and truly begin bridging the world's that exist all simultaneously within this now moment, and you release the desire to search outside of yourself for answers, you will only then be able to see the world, which you have been awaiting.

The same holds true for those focused on the concept of a twin flame, and the ideas that go hand in hand in regards to separation, no contact, a chaser, a runner. 

Remember the message again, search within and heal yourself! The answers are all within you, and at the end of the day there is no separation. Separation from your soul is impossible, and your one true mirror, your twin flame, your counterpart is deep within you right now. 

It is time to breathe, trust, allow, and understand that all that happens in your physical reality is exactly that which you have chosen to create, through beliefs, through illusion, through listening to or being passed down the beliefs of others.

So I will say it again, search within! Search within and heal, search within and find yourself, search within and release separation, release fear, release hate, release resentment, anger, jealousy, sadness, grief, depression, release all of the frequencies that keep you believing that the answers are found somewhere outside of yourself!

See the pillars of light entering your crown and awakening all that has been hidden in darkness, see the pillars awakening your vision of the soul, mind you the soul that is one with what you have considered to be seperate and holding your counterpart in an illusion of separation.

See these eyes opening in oneness, see through the eyes of unity consciousness, of unconditional love for self. As you love yourself fully, as you step fully into alignment with the creator you are, and you release those lower vibrational thoughts, beliefs, and fears, you create the new world you have been awaiting. 

It doesn't happen overnight, it doesn't simply choose you, you must choose it, to awaken what was lost over the years spent in amnesia. To awaken the realization of your truth, your innate power, your incredibly unique frequency that emits in unison with that of all. 

We are all here for a divine purpose, we are all greater than we have chosen to see, and we all ring in a divine harmony of oneness.

Ask to see, ask to receive, ask to search within, and allow the illusion to melt away. As you awaken the ability to do so you will attract to you all that you have been seeing seperate from self. Live as if it's already here, live as if your where you desire, realize your soul is inside you, and your twin therefore resides within you as well. 

I chose the photo with the generator, simply because through the use of these teachings, or this understanding is how I came to hold this piece. 

When I saw the generator and felt her frequency I simply asked to download the energy and frequency into myself. 

This was on a thread of 1ks of comments asking to win, I didn't see separation, I didn't go to that place of desperation or want. I simply asked to receive what was in alignment for my frequency and the following day was chosen as the new holder ♡

 Another reason I chose to include her is the frequency she holds is of that which I have been expressing in this message.

 She aligns you with your power! She assists in manifesting protection, and abundance. 

Most importantly she assists thoughts being created in the physical. Rather than just thinking about what it is you desire or want, you must take action.

So now is time to take that action! Take in this message, close your eyes and open to the pillars, affirm I am open to receive the frequency. 

Then focus on the generator in the photo and again take action. Ask her to integrate into your own energy and frequency, to assist your manifesting all that is innately within you already, but transforming it and pushing it out into the physical.

Over the coming days and weeks you will have inspired thoughts, creative ideas, take action on them! Do not simply say tomorrow, say now! Do it now, in the moment it rises. Don't allow the opinions of others to sway you from your expansion. Do not dim your light, or hide your beauty. 

Do whatever feels right, love yourself so strongly the universe delivers nothing back but more love.  Stop living in an illusion of separation, stop living in a world which you hold back on your goals, desires, and dreams. 

We are all unique and we are all one, don't allow another's actions, or beliefs to form as your own. In fact if this message doesn't resonate simply move on and focus on finding the truth that resonates for you!

That is the beauty of consciousness, all is available, all realities are here for you, it's just a matter of finding the reality in which you want to dwell, and create ♡

Written by Bridget Rau of Divine Essentials 

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