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Divine Feminine 🕉 Birthing Expansion

Good morning Divine Feminine. This is the thought I had this morning as I woke up and could feel my womb space still extended and full. Over the past few days I have had some discomfort, and feel like my belly is extended. However it's energetic, it's not like I look down and see an extension on the physical level. I spoke with a few ladies yesterday all feeling this too. And no it's not connected to my cycle, that I am 100 percent sure of. Honestly there were moment's I felt like I was going to have a stomach ache, but it isn't that either. So diving into the energies and current theme of life, I feel like it's connected to birthing in the new, expansion, and balance. I was planning to channel and get answers, but in this moment as soon as I start to write like usual, the answers are coming in. So in a way yes I am channeling, but more so from self than anyone outside myself which feels appropriate. 999, I have felt the 9 frequency in so many readings, moments, and thoughts. 9 is a frequency of completion, the end of a cycle and the birth of something new. I feel the discomfort is connected to my not surrendering into the new cycle. Allowing fear to rise in connection to all that is being birthed now, personally, and in my community, as well as in the collective energy. So the message that is coming in is to honor these changes, honor the endings, know that no matter how difficult it seems, you are about to birth an amazing new transition and a new beginning. If you resist the rising of the Divine Feminine within, you will feel uncomfortable, if you embrace her and the abundance that is coming in connection to these new beginnings you will feel comfort, and truly manifest all the beauty that is available to you. See the seed of potential in your belly, see her growing, and expanding, realize that limited thoughts, and fear keep this seed from growing. Therefore you constrict and do not allow for the growth to come as naturally as it wishes to. Water the seed, feed the seed, affirm I am birthing new found freedom, new found worth, and new found change on all levels of my being. If there is someone or something that you "feel" is holding you back from this expansion, let go of this illusion! Nobody can hold you back, nothing can keep you limited in a place of discomfort unless you give the power to do so. And so really at the end of the day you are the only one who can limit the growth of this seed. Let yourself soar above the negative energies, rise to a new perspective, send love to those places and people who you have perceived to be harming you, and know that there really is nothing that can limit your growth and light outside of self. See your worth, see your potential, focus inward rather than outward, and the seed will grow, the seed will expand, and the seed will be birthed. Your opportunity is here, your moment, all that you have longed for, each desire, it is all here now, where it has always been, within you. Awaiting your attention, awaiting your love, and awaiting birth 💖 Written by Bridget Rau 

🕉 Edited extension personal perspective:

Yesterday it was progressively getting more and more noticeable, I was so uncomfortable last night, but after writing this the discomforts has decreased, and I feel like everything is going to be ok. Like I can take a deep breath and release all that has been hurting me. My heart, my soul, my body have all been under so much tension these past days, and I noticed it in my throat first, then in my lungs, shallow breathing out of fear and hurt, now in my womb there is pressure and honestly feel pregnant, but I know I am not, well not pregnant with a child lol, but filled with and carrying a baby of change and abundance, and also feel this cycle/shift is almost completed, 999.. The 5s have been non stop. So I know the changes are playing a big part in this. I know these new changes are for my highest and best and I am surrendering fear, and surrendering the heartache that has been connected to the disconnect I've been feeling as a result of these changes and endings. I don't want to cling on to beliefs and thoughts surrounding something, someone, somewhere, or anything that doesn't serve me anymore. Cutting the cords to the old and embracing the new. And it's ok. 

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