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11 11 11 Portal & Pleiadian Lineup Energy

11 11 11 the most potent time to manifest and bring forth new beginnings into your life! Keep your vibe high! I repeat keep your vibe high! Whatever you have to do it is so important that you keep positive, detach from old patterns, habits, negative thoughts, etc.. Release yourself from karmic lessons, and contracts, you are the creator! The manifestations you bring forth are solely yours! Take the responsibility for why, what, and where you are in your life in this very moment! Surrender the darkness and step into light!! The energy of this 11 11 11 portal has been coming in for some time, however tonight it will step up and increase x3.. meaning every thought, feeling, energy you ripple out is going to be rippled back x3 What do you want?? Where do you want to be?? Who do you want in your life?? What does it look like, feel like, smell like, taste like to be in that timeline and existence? Really tune in and allow yourself to dream it, speak it, think it into this now moment! There is nothing you can not achieve! You have the power to heal, and to manifest abundance in any area of your life! If you focus on lack, grief, heartache, separation, ego, fear that will increase as well. Rise out of it. Take back your power. Become the beacon of energy that you wish to dwell within! Later in the month we have even more energy opening!! Pleiadian lineup is coming!!

The height of the pleiadian lineup is November 18th ♡ This is an intense time for starseeds ♡ the energy will bring forth changes on all levels right down to the DNA. Get Vitamin D into your body! Connect with gaia!! Relationships will be put to the test. It's either break it or make it time and you may run into a walk in soul or two over the coming weeks ♡ be mindful of your energy and intentions ♡ Exude unconditional love to all and focus on those who support and uplift you rather than those who have taken and knocked you down ♡ Love live love live ♡ repeat 777 717 17 71 as well as 1111 111 and 888 will be big, you may have your own signature to work with, take a moment to clear your mind and breathe when you see these downloads of consciousness, absorb the message and integrate on your own time! Do not feel guilty for taking time to just be, to relax, and schedule some solo time! If there is someone you wish to connect with open the heart center and send them love so they may feel the channel is open and willing to receive ♡

I will be sharing updates on my YouTube channel, and have a in person event coming up November 18th at the height of the lineup ♡ if you are interested in coming and are in the area of Duxbury Ma check out my Facebook page Divine Essentials.. under the events tab ♡

I also have free live readings coming up soon ♡ next Saturday ♡ In munay namaste Bridget Rau 

Email me for details or assistance in finding the events, channel, or page ♡ I also offer one on one healings, readings, rites, and starseed guidance ♡ as well as starseed Essential oil products ♡♡♡

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