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3 Uplifting Spells You Can Do With Your Starseed Children

Do you think that your kid is a starseed? How can you help them connect to their home and maybe unlock the wisdom of their soul?

Try one of the spells that we’ll share with you today.

spells for starseed children

But, first of all, let’s answer the question I know you have in your mind.

Why spells? And are these spells safe for your children?

Why should you do these spells with your starseed children?

Starseed kids are usually born in difficult or dysfunctional situations, and here to create peace in the chaos they are unfortunately born in. However, these kids don’t have to endure unnecessary drama or trauma if they come into this world through starseed parents who have “done the work”.

At the end of the day, life isn’t easy for anyone. We all have our own fair share of obstacles that we have to get past to be able to help others who are living the same stories as us.

By doing these spells with your starseed son/daughter, you will be able to help them realize who they are at the soul level.

starseed kid

We are more open to the wonders of the Universe at a young age than we are in adulthood. If you teach them to honor their intuition and spiritual abilities from a young age, we can help them not forget and discard their kids as time passes by.

Usually, you can identify star connections in your kids by

  • Checking star alignments at the time of their birth

  • Observing them. Their behavior will be characteristic of a particular star race.

Usually, starseed children are generally more mature, and less impulsive and egoistical than their parents. These children often struggle to make friends. They feel lonely and isolated, regardless of the attention they get from others. As parents/guardians, you need to be there with your kid and help them find their soul family. Always encourage your children to be kind and love others unconditionally.

In regards to these spells, please be present with your kid as they do it at all times. If you want to light a candle, please don’t leave it unattended. Please don’t leave them alone with the candle. It is not safe. Make sure that your kid is safe at all times.

SPELL #1 Spirit, Find Me Friends Spell For Starseed Kids

Just like I mentioned, starseed children often struggle to fit in. Having people that we can relate to is important for children of any age. Often, having pets at home can fill the gap. But, is it enough?

Do this spell with your star kid to help them find a friend they can relate to and share their stories with.

Have them draw a sunflower that represents warmth and friendship. Let them color it if they want.

Keep their drawing on your altar for a few days. You can also keep it under the full moon.

Ask them to fold the sheet and repeat

“I will find souls that are my kind.

With my new friends, I am aligned.”

The incantation can change depending upon the age of your child. If they are old enough, ask them to light a yellow candle dressed with sunflower oil. You can also do this part for them. Again, the safety of your kid should always be your priority.

Bury this sheet in sand or a flower pot.

We usually hang out with people who we resonate with on some level. Your kid will most likely find their starseed friends after doing this spell.

SPELL #2 Find My Gifts Spell For Starseed Children

Let’s be clear. Every child is both gifted and a gift to the world. We are talking about psychic gifts here.

This spell will help them identify their spiritual gift and psychic abilities so you can help them hone their gifts. The best way to develop their gifts is to encourage them to use them, even if they make mistakes.

Please remember that when we talk about spiritual gifts, they don't always have to be supernatural. Kindness is a gift not many people are blessed with. So is the ability to forgive.

spell for starseed kids to find their psychic gifts

After you do this spell with your kid, you may notice a shift in your kid's behavior. Most likely, these are their spiritual and psychic gifts coming to the surface.

Give them an empty jar. Clear it with smoke before you hand it over to them.

Show them your crystal collection, whether you have one or one hundred. Ask them to pick the crystal of their choice. This choice should also give you an insight into your kid's spiritual gifts.

Ask them to put the crystal in the jar along with one of their belongings, old toys, or a piece of an old t-shirt.

Ask them to close the lid and repeat,

"By the power of the moon, I discover my gifts,

In my mind and life, I welcome new shifts"

If your child is too young to repeat this incantation, ask them to just say "I am open to my gifts" thrice.

Keep the jar on the windowsill throughout the next moon cycle.

You can ask your kid to keep the crystal thereafter.

SPELL #3 The Innocent Me Spell For Starseeds

This spell will help your starseed kid protect their innocent spirit. Starseed kids struggle to fit in and are often seen as naive. That's because they are still in touch with the high vibrational home they have come from.

They need some time to adjust "here" energetically.

This spell will protect your starseed kid from negative energies and influences that may try to harm or take advantage of them.

spell to preserve the child-like spirit of starseed children

Give them a piece of cotton, 2-3 feathers that you can pick from a garden, and a small plate(that you can keep on your altar/sacred space).

Make a salt circle around the edges of the plate to protect the spell.

Ask them to put the feather in the center of the plate. Then, have them decorate the rest of the plate with cotton balls.

(Here, cotton represents their innocent spirit. Feathers represent the individuals/people they can connect with. Feathers are also symbolic of divinely guided connections and friendships).

Have them say it out loud:

"I will always be protected. I will always be kind.

Only bring me friends whose hearts align with mine"

You can light a candle for them if you want. But, please do not leave it unattended with your kid.

Bottom Line

At the end of the day, starseed kids are here for a purpose. They signed up for a mission they are here to fulfill.

Whether you do these spells or not, let's try our best to protect them from unnecessary suffering and try to make their life easier as much as we can.


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