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Activations for Star Seed Souls & Twin Flame Union

Divine Love Union Activations release once a month free to top level and VIP members of

To benefit from these activations you may also pay for each individual one that posts and watch via Vimeo or download to a device. These are powerful and divine healing is the outcome of these transmissions! Healing is a necessary part of the twin flame union alignments, and if both parties allow for the healing to occur then things will improve steadily.

We are never done healing but these energies and intentions can uplift and assist you in maintaining the correct frequencies needed to align with your divine soul partner. Bridget Channels in different guided meditative journeys and uses sound healing through various methods and instruments. She utilizes the frequency of crystalline vibrations, and infuses the diamond light vortex or archetypes to surround you in safe sacred space. From this space you can leave the limiting body behind and travel to your counterpart or out into the ethers for alignment and integrated healing.

Many times you may find a god and goddess working in the collectives at different times of the year, such as Isis and Osiris from Ancient Egypt. Isis needed to scour the desert to find all of her lovers body parts due to his jealous brother chopping him into many pieces, she discovered him all except his member and made one from gold. When she sat upon him he awoke and united with her, and they are forever memorialized in the stars as Sirius and Orion. The great pyramid has chambers that have alignments through small vents that point to both stars. All 3 of the larger pyramids in Giza will align with Orion (Osiris) belt at different times as well.

The shapeshifting and powerful Cernunos is a God from the Celtic Mythology and was known as the horned God, as well as for his fiery passion and sexual desires. Some say that St. Brigid or the Goddess Bridget depending on how far you go, and if the church was involved or not, is said to be the counterpart of Cernunos. She is the goddess of Poetry, Home and Hearth, sacred fire burning endlessly within and she was a nurturer who fed the hungry, educated those who were less educated, and founded many sacred sites in her time.

There is many accounts of many couples throughout the years and many will identify with the stories and backgrounds many times. Many Mary and Jesus incarnates are here to remember the truth, not the false illusions fed to us by those who wish to disempower and enslave. Journey deeper into self, and utilize your innate gifts to unlock the answers of your soul!

You may recall days of Atlantis, prior to the fall, working together in a barter system before the battle for power and greed plagued the lands. Or perhaps you were located in Lemuria, Mu, or even underground in Argatha. Those who were aware of the catastrophe to come fled Atlantis and traveled to Mountains and to Egypt where some taught in what we know now as mystery schools. This is when the information was lost to many and it began the dark ages.

Some of you may remember specifically where your soul came from within the stars. Some of us originate in Lyra, the half lion half human beings of nobility and royal like presence. The alphas, the strong and courageous. Many battles fought and some won some lost, but from the first is being repeated in history over and over. Orion wars were back at the dawn of time itself in this area of the universe. Orion destroyed Lyra and so many travelers were born of that war. The pleiadian's are often times the feminine and nurturing. The Pleiades itself a constellation in the eye of Taurus home to the 7 sisters, or 7 main stars where planet Erra is located and the higher dimensional I am presence of many feminine's souls reside now at this time. Think of them as your future self guiding us for the time to come.

Sirius is a place much like Earth but predominantly water based makes for a strong telepathic connection to the dolphins and whales both on and off earth. They are tranquil and love filled beings, and some of the souls who incarnated here on earth embody the fae like punk rock sides, while others are more elvin like and peaceful or tranquil in the energy they harness. No matter if you are from Andromeda, Arcturus, Sirius, Pvilia, Orion, or wherever you may come from, there is surely lessons, and memories buried deep within the subconscious.

Allow full activation and integration to occur through these sacred teachings, and learn the true nature of duality, the illusion of separation, and how to unite with self therefore unite with the Divine lover of your soul. Not all of us have incarnated with a Twin Flame but there is most definitely many soul mates who have. If you want to unite and be happy in love we can set the intentions, and embark on a journey together to find the truest essence of self, release limitation, unlock the infinite blessings and abundance, heal the soul, the inner child, the wounds from karmic lovers, the past life lessons, the false beliefs society was fed for decades and eons, and remember our divinity and strength.

Utilizing sacred medicine passed down through indigenous tribes through modalities like Munay Ki, as well as some traditional trainings such as Reiki Master Teacher, and New methods like New Paradigm MDT, which helped Bridget to channel in her own teachings through Alcyone Light Healing, which she will be completing but has been establishing the Memership's and getting into routine, we have a few more activations and levels to go. There is also the teachings learned through Advanced Aromatherapy, and the self taught gifts like trance channeling, auto writing, scrying, deep trance movements with sound and frequency, a pleiadian imprint in her voice which is suitable to channel various star families and energies each all having their own special values and gifts. Bridget awoke in 2011 when a loud buzz went through her head and knocked her off her feet. Shorty after spending endless hours outside staring at the night sky, talking to the Emissaries of Light, and building her knowledge as a channel and healer before even really understanding the gravity and vastness she was undertaking. When it is your mission and purpose you just do and find the way to get it done. Fighting to escape narcissistic abuse and get out from under and behind everyone else took some time, but eventually confidence and the universe conspired and freed her of toxic and horrendous living arrangements. She got more committed and grew both of her YouTube channels, reached thousands of people across multiple platforms, and continues to teach, uplift, inspire, and blow people including herself mind daily.

You can find different modalities available through playlists and videos on her Divine Essentials YouTube channel. You can find many many readings and poetry, as well as older interviews and videos that she has created in the past 6 years on Bridget Rau YouTube channel. There is now memberships beginning at

Bridget wants to assist others who may be stuck as she once was, or even those who are not but perhaps could use her time and wisdom in connection to several streams of income, and the methods that helped her reach 100k plus in the last 2 years when really getting consistent and serious about her work online as opposed to behind the scenes.

Memberships can be as low as $5.55 which unlocks the event once a month for Free Readings, then until 1/1/22 there is the memberships with access to all offers, groups, posts, and support in manifesting sacred Union, and to empower business savvy soul led leaders to align the truth, core values, and business with purpose, passion, and profit! Teaching some rituals and tarot spreads according to moon placement and times of the year, as well as working close with the cycle or spirals of creation through the pleiadian perspective, she is doing her best to provide a stable and strong community for those in need of one on the journey back to one. There is a VIP membership that unlocks 30% off private readings, a free program, and access to hidden pages and offers for the members only. The one to one coaching and any non product offer Bridget serves is available to use the discount with. The courses as well can benefit from the discount for top level VIP memberships. The cost is set to increase on 1/1/22

Bridget met her Twin at age 14 and they were born 11 days apart, He was lost for awhile and thought she was absolutely crazy but since his awakening has been able to come closer and take his time to heal through one on one work with his divine feminine, the channel, and the rites of passage he was meant for without a doubt via Bridget. The synchronicity and signs that come through for the 2 is aligned and divine, and Bridget is learning how to say no and demand more for herself, while her masculine is learning who he is and what he wants. There is still triggers and frustration but life has been much more harmonious, happy, powerful, and aligned for them. Her masculine just needs to get through some of the rocky parts when we awaken and will be more than amazing and as always the most divine in his feminine's eyes.

Twin Flame Union

Starseed Souls

New Activations for Starseed Souls and Divine Counterparts released monthly!

Every second week of the month I release one Starseed Soul Activation for members of my memberships on

They can watch for free. Those who wish to just purchase an Activation can do so by following the link to Vimeo. There will be Manifesting, Healing, Reprogramming, Powerful Affirmations Mantras, Many Ascended Masters, Beings of Light, Emissaries of Light, Pleiadian, Arcturian, Lyran, Vegan, Orion, Andromeda, Pvilia, and many others. With the use of intention and the energetic Vortex, I take people out of the 3D limitations, and into 5D expansion.

Travel through time and space, and remember what you already know,

Dream into being a new life free from illusion, embrace darkness which can be integrated and balanced within duality. Balance feminine and masculine energy, access wisdom of the I Am presence, and attune to deep transformation.

Some may heal with past lives, inner child, soul retrieval.

Munay Ki shamanic Rites of initiation from Peru are also available for Download.

The Star Rites are also available for individual sale or purchase the first 3 in one video and follow the link direct for Koto Kuna Karpay the initiation spirit gave to me directly one night, and is an actual rite they do in Peru!

My confirmation and story about the rite and what it does are here.

The members of my VIP top-level plan get The codes to many of my Alcyone Light Healing Activations, and receive a discount on any Services purchased. Such as 1:1 Readings, 1:1 Coaching, and Courses like Munay Ki Rites, and others coming!

Members of memberships will receive a badge to access locked pages on this site and can book a private reading with me anytime, but free readings also occur in the memberships weekly, and Free Live Reads on the first Tuesday of the month

You can submit questions prior to calls for all the Lives but extended times have been chosen to help with other time zones used for Business Mentoring, Divine Feminine Union Coaching, and one Monthly Bonus call for the miscellaneous questions of your soul!

Participate in special Tarot spreads and rituals to manifest magic, abundance, and major transformation in all areas. Members are doing amazing, more and more is slowly getting built and added.

New courses are coming!

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Unknown member
Dec 19, 2021

Found this clip after reading this! figured I'd share. It's about Egypt and connection to Atlantis. This show Ancient Civilizations is so cool!

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