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Ancestral Womb Healing

I didn't plan to do the Womb Rite during Alcyone Light Healing, for a few reasons.

One being that it's more Munay Ki related, and two being that I've never done it long distance before. Three being I didn't really think about it when preparing the class materials and outline.

However after reflecting and reading some of the experiences women had after receiving the womb clearing meditation today. I feel what we did was essentially the womb rite in its own little way.

Not "technically" but the same concept minus the ritual.

So this is just an FYI to all women, and especially those who went through the Womb Clearing meditation

As well as any who will listen to it moving forward. I feel it's necessary to teach along with all of my meditations, activations, and impromptu rite ceremonies, and this one kind of snuck in there.

Anywho we women hold onto pain, fear, guilt, judgements, grief, sadness, anger, resentment, anger, etc basically you name it, it is down there and inside of us.

However its not just our own! We hold onto our mothers, and her mothers, and so on and so on, until someone breaks the chain and says not me!! The chain breaks here!

Essentially that is what the Womb rite, or womb Clearing meditation does for us. It helps us to say the chain stops here! It is helpful to know this information so you can be mindful moving forward now.

To not take on more of these emotions and low vibrational frequencies into yourself anymore, and if you do, well then you will have a way to clear it up again.

If you haven't listened to the meditation yet and plan to, or if you want to listen again with set intentions prior to entering that would definitely be of benefit. Set the intentions to clear not only your energy and trauma, but the past generations trauma and pain.

Something you can recite as a bonus to today's meditation is this phrase and it is pretty powerful!!

Place your hands over the womb and state out loud.. ”The womb is not a place to store fear and pain; the womb is to create and give birth to life”.

Also the womb rite is traditionally called the 13th rite, and is in actuality the 10th rite of munay ki rites.

Again you won't technically be getting the womb rite, but what we did is very much similar so.. This is what I was taught to do after receiving and gifting the rite.

If you still have a menstrual cycle then on your next period collect some of the blood and make an offer to Gaia, Pachamama, the spirit of the earth, somewhere where you can do this for 13 months in a row at the same time and the same place.

The full cycle of the year for the moon and Divine Feminine is 13.

If you are uncomfortable with this or no longer bleed you can use a small cup of red wine on the Full Moon, and again bless the land somewhere you can connect monthly to do this little ritual.

Sit in meditation for a short time and give gratitude to pachamama for all her love, sustenance, and support she gives to us. Send gratitude and love to your ancestors and loved ones who come after you.

This is a beautiful practice and will help keep your ancestral lineage safe and free of trauma and nasty vibes.

This practice also helps keep you aware of your cycle, as well as the moons cycle, and how it interacts with you at different times. It is like a mini Womb Clearing when you empty that cup as well.

Of course this is all done with intentions so be sure to collect and give with set intentions in mind! Give away what needs to go and receive what will serve you and your womb the most!

Hopefully this assists those on the journey to healing and wholeness. 🙏

Thank you for taking this journey with me as well, I appreciate each and every one of you!

In Munay Namaste Bridget!


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