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Balancing Chakras Aromatherapy Sprays & Anointing Oils

Balanced Chakras are an essential part of maintaining your overall wellness.

Checking in to ensure your main Energy Centers (chakras) are balanced and aligned can help to improve your quality of life in many ways.

The 7 main Energy Centers or Chakras are the most well-known. These 7 exist in a Chakra column starting above the head, traveling down the spine, and ending below the feet within the Earth.

Each Chakra has a connection to the body, mind, and soul.. All Chakras relate with particular body parts, organs, scents, colors, crystals, sounds and herbs, sound frequency notes, and more.

They correlate with different emotional experiences, physical performance & limitations, mental performance & mindset, as well as spiritual growth or experiences in unique ways.

The way someone behaves and interacts with the world, and others, can usually be connected back to the state of their energy and the health of their Chakras.

Chakras can be imbalanced in a way where they don't receive enough energy or in a way where there is too much energy flowing.

This will manifest in very different ways!

For example someone with low energy in the sacral may be aloof with their sexual energy, they lack creativity, and may be emotionally shut down and numb.

Where someone who is receiving too much may be overly sexual and manic in behavior. They might jump from one thing to the next to keep up with their overdrive of energy.

Understanding the basics of your Chakras can help you to see if you are over or under active with different energy centers and start utilizing the many available tools to restore balance again.

I have created some blends as an Advanced Aromatherapist and intuitive channel with intentions and energy infused into each recipe and product.

There are 7 Essential Oil Sprays and 7 Anointing Oils in a set, which you can either choose just one of the 7, or purchase the full sets and save extra money by buying all at one time.

The Sprays are offered in small 1oz or large 4oz bottles, and the oils are in 10ml roller ball bottles.

I will be giving a brief overview of the 7 main chakras with each blends intentions and scent description below.

With a basic understanding of your Chakras and utilizing tools like the sets I've created here, maintaining balanced energy should be easy and smell delicious.

With your balanced energy and clear intentions you can begin improving life in so many ways.

Manifesting becomes effortless, Security and stability enhanced, relationships improve, clear communication ensues, intuition is enhanced and confidence amplifies are just a few benefits balanced energy delivers

Below I have also described some ways to identify which Chakras may need assistance if you can't identify on own or simply want confirmation.

You can try one or both techniques and simply TRUST your intuition!


Use your intuition to choose which of these blends will serve you best if not purchasing A full set.


You may try closing your eyes, centering self and deepening your breath. When fully present and connected to the moment simply take your receiving hand (non dominant) or whichever feels appropriate for you, and scan your body.

Start above the head a few inches away from yourself with palm facing inward. Then gently allow your hand to flow down paying attention to any sensations or changes in the energy. Go all the way down passing each of the 7 Chakras and taking note of any place that felt different.

When at the root or in front of where the base of spine would be allow yourself to go back up.

This time feel for the resistance and fluctuations more than before, and in your mind simply ask "is this Chakra unbalanced?"

TRUST your intuition, trust that your soul knows, and the first thing to come to mind is typically aligned with truth.

If you get to the crown and still have doubts about the chakras you have gathered we can do muscle testing.


Stand with feet shoulder length apart, and breath deeply.

Close eyes and know that your body will act as a pendulum for this exercise.

When you are to receive a yes answer you should lean forward subtly but enough that you know. When the answer is no you lean back ever so slightly.

You can test your body by first stating "show me yes!" And feel what way you rocked.

If for some reason your no and yes are in opposite directions from what I've given as the standard, this is a pretty clear indication that your energy is out of balance, I would at least start with the root for now and work your way up with any tools you can implement into your daily routine.

If you were good with the yes and no then simply state your question in connection to each chakra you suspect is out of balance. "Is my Sacral Chakra Balanced?" Would be a sufficient way to ask and if lean back you will want to work on that Chakra.

Continue with each until you are clear on what is needing attention and what is ok for now.

Continue with each until you are clear on what is needing attention and what is ok for no


Made with 100% therapeutic grade essential oils listed individually with each blend,. 4oz P.E.T. sprays and 1oz clear glass sprays and glass roller ball bottles, H2o, Witches Hazel, Coconut oil, mica powder, infused with Intentions and energy charged..



We use mica powder to assist in bringing color therapy to each of the chakra blends, this also sparkles light and illumination energy into each blend. However the powder does settle and needs to be shaken before you use for best results.



Located at base of spine -

Basic needs/Survival instincts/Physical World

Crystal: red jasper, Tourmaline, apache tears

**Frankincense, Patchouli, Myrr brought together in a mysterious and powerful blend.

Use for protection and ritual or ceremony work.

Create sacred space and connect with the powerful manifesting abilities and intentions infused inside. Bring abundance and prosperity into life easily and effortlessly with the frequency and energy of this spray & it's ingredients. Utilize your own intentions with use of visualization and affirmations. Grounding, stabilizing, and comforting physically and spiritually. Bring more than the basics of survival to your energy and thrive!



Located below the navel -


Crystals: Carnelian, Moonstone, Tigers Eye

**Sweet Orange, Ylang Ylang, and Patchouli come together in a harmonizing blend.

Uplifting and inspiring your emotions, while gently inducing a creative feminine frequency.

Naturally enhances your pleasure power and seduction quality with natural aphrodisiacs. While a calming energy assists in surrendering any tension. Find clarity and comfort in expressing your sensual self, and bring sweetness to yourself and your relationships. Release any overindulgence behavior, and establish healthy boundaries with healthy relationships. Feel your creativity flowing and embrace Journaling, painting, drawing or whatever you feel passionate about!



Located at the solar plexus -


Crystals: Citrine, Sunstone

***Rosemary & Sandalwood

brings both an invigorating and regenerative experience, while adding in peaceful and soothing effects. Assisting you to find your focus, enhance visualization, and shift your perception of self. Allowing you to see your true potential. Finding more compassion for self and allowing your self esteem and confidence to rise. Replacing depression, anxiety, & irritability with acceptance and understanding.



Located in the chest


Crystals: Rose Quartz, Aventurine, Rhodochrosite

***Bergamot & Lavender come together and wrap you in loving vibrations.

An uplifting, and positive experience for the mental and psychological state. Calming balancing effects helping to sooth wounds, find rest, ease sadness, and simply induce happiness. Combining these 2 oils will help meditation to come easily while also remaining aware. This will be useful to assist you in clearly identifying what is holding you back. To increase communication with guides. As well as an aid in Astral projection and exploring consciousness. Through these avenues you can create more harmony in your heart.



Located in the throat -


Crystals: Lapis lazuli, Kyanite, Sodalite

***Lavender, Bergamot, Rosemary

Helping to induce truthful and authentic expression in all its forms. Allowing you to feel at peace with self and no longer feel the need to censor or change who and what you are or do. To embody thyself in ultimate truth.

Also assists to bring positive thoughts and feelings so the truth can be one of joy and peace. Helping to see what amazing offers life has to give to you brings increased gratitude and higher perspectives. Assists with telepathic communication and seeing through lies and false versions of others. Also gives the ability to forgive and accept those who are false as its through their own inability to approve of self they would bring about lies or live within a distorted reality.



Located inside & between brow


Crystals: Amethyst, Labradorite, America, Tourmalinated Quartz

***Elemi & Lemongrass work together in a high vibrational energy of enchanting magic.

Allow yourself to awaken your intuition and divine perception of the world around you. See the different beings and energies surrounding you through heightened synchronicity, their physical impressions, and non physical phenomenon. Fairy realms, star beings, ancestors on the other side, and more are awaiting you to pay attention.

Step into ancient rites of passage awakening sacred sight.



Located at top of head

Wisdom/Spiritual Enlightenment

Crystals: Clear Quartz, Danburite, Apopholite, Howlite

***Frankincense, Elemi, Lavender a powerful combo working to assist transcendental Enlightenment.

Helping to commune with the divine, assisting in deeper meditation, and connecting the physical with non physical. Bring about New Beginnings, a higher frequency, and enhances positive consciousness. Uplifting and inspiring, revitalizes hope, and assists you in listening to the wisdom you have held within all along. Restructuring beliefs and breaking down boundaries that kept you from recognizing your sacred alignment. Helping you to acquire and retain wisdom and knowledge from within and in the external. Release resistance and set intentions to create the manifestation of your deepest dreams and desires



Available in Singles or Sets on Etsy!


*10ml Roll on Oil $11.11 each

-Full Set.. 7 for 77.77 regularly

NOW $55.55 (SAVE 22.22)



*1oz glass Sprays $9.99 each

-Full Set.. 7 for 77.77 regularly

NOW 60.00 (SAVE 11.11)



*4oz PET Sprays $19.99 each

-Full Set.. 7 for $144 regularly

NOW 111.00 (SAVE 33.00)



Add a Post Card Reading to your Set of Sprays. These are short hand written Postcard messages. I pull a few Tarot cards to read and summarize on your Postcard. Those who choose to UPGRADE may ask 2 questions in notes section but cannot guarantee both will be answered in detail

....Cost of Card & 4oz Set 166.00

*Make sure you are not allergic to, or have sensitivities towards, any ingredients we use in our products. If you are unsure then test a small amount of product and if you see any irritation discontinue use of product immediately.

Our products are Alcohol Free & Pthlathlate Free.


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