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Feminine Reception ♡ 

♡ Are you receptive and open? ♡

This past week I've seen many comments and posts come in from the feminine energy, in pain and or suffering in some way. I know it's sometimes easier said than done, but when we stop overthinking, stop obsessing over life's tiny little details, and quit living in a place of fear or anxiety, things just get easier. Every breath flows in with more ease, every part of the body feels more at peace, and we become more balanced, and in harmony with our surroundings.

The universe delivers us more confirmation, everything we could ever need comes in quicker and on deeper levels when we are open and receptive to the flow of infinite blessings.

The things we once thought we would die without having or just needed so badly begin to change and shift.

We start to realize those things that don't come easy, may have never been meant to come at all.

The people we clung onto and begged for love and affection from, get replaced with those who give in every way the others could not.

Instead of being angry or hurt, you start to realize it has nothing to do with you, and likely much more to do with them.

In order to love another, to care for another, you must be able to do the same for yourself. So many are seeking sustenance from dried up wells and empty shells. Asking for something where there is nothing, we become a bit greedy and impatient. Expecting someone to save us when they can't save themselves.

So if you've been struggling, or sad, upset or depressed about the current status in any area of your life really. Instead of allowing it to dictate over you, or to take away from your peace of mind. Try to become open to the idea that, whatever is truly meant to be there, will be there, and at the exact moment its meant to.. While also knowing that what isn't meant to be there, would have never made you truly happy, even if it showed up disguised as what or who you might think you really really want.

Sometimes we want the one thing we can't have so badly, we forget to be grateful for everything we do have. We cut off all the amazing opportunities and experiences the universe is trying to deliver to us by focusing on the one thing it is not. We must allow ourselves to receive without judgment or resistance, and only then will our lives and hearts feel full and at peace.

Give space where it is needed, send love to those who cannot love us back. Give time for the progression of manifestations coming in. Ease into your self, and open up to what is truly supportive of you. Lean back and relax in the true flow of the feminine, and allow for your life to shift and shine in ways you never imagined.

Many of us have overused and abused our masculine energy, abandoning the ways of the feminine, those of us who acknowledge this must now fall back into balance. Remembering our true essence and finding our way back into the womb, to give birth to new beginnings of blessings and love.

Take your time, be gentle with yourself, give permission to stop doing and start being. Be the mother, the daughter, the sister, and the midwife. Carry and nurture self, birthing beauty and receptivity back into the core of who you truly are ♡

In munay namaste, Bridget Rau


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