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How to do Candle Magick? Some extra luck at no cost!

Whether you are for instructions to use Bridget's intentional candles or to learn the basics of Candle Magick- this blog is for you!

Candles are powerful tools that have been used by witches for thousands of years to set an intention, cast spells or meditate with. Candle Magick draws power from the fire element for the manifestation of our desires. When you desire or need a job, a lover or extra protection, candle magick can help you set energy in motion.

Candle. Candle Magick

Let's understand the properties of the fire element first.

Fire element, Candle, Candle Magick

The Fire element is associated with transformation, purification, masculinity, strength, passion, and creativity. In the natural world, fire is represented by the Sun, volcanos, deserts and stars. When used in light or with the purity of heart, this element can change your life. The same power can turn out to be destructive if left unchecked or used with malice.

We also utilize this transformative power of fire element for strengthening the Munay-Ki rites and feeding the seeds of potential the rites activate in us.

This element is also used for conveying out gratitude to Mother Earth and aligning with her energy?


Candle Magick utilizes the power of this element for the manifestation of your intention. Always keep in mind to have pure intentions. Honestly, what most people genuinely want it's too much to ask anyway. But the fear of missing out or scarcity mindset can block you from even realising what your true desire is.

How to use candles for magick?

1) Open Sacred Space

Having a sacred space is a primary step for any energy work. It will prepare you for the sacred work that is to come. You can open a sacred space by smudging with sage, using essential oils, opening a vortex, simply cleaning your room or just setting your intention. Check out this video about opening sacred space for more details.

2) Cleanse and anoint your Candle

Cleanse the old energies that your candles carry with sage, incense, or crystals like selenite or quartz to clear the energetic debris your candle carries. You can also do this ritual as a symbolic act of clearing your blocks and energetic sludge you carry in your energy bodies and making space for your manifestation.

Anoint your candle by rubbing your candle with oil(any oil will work). You can also use a blend of essential oils to give even more energy. Anointing can simply be done by rubbing the oil on the candle from top to bottom or otherwise. If you subscribe to a specific Wiccan tradition, you may have slightly different procedures for anointing. Again, it's your intention that matters the most.

Note: Bridget cleanses and charges the intention candles she sells herself. You do not have to worry about these steps if you're one of her products. You can still open sacred space to add to her intention.

3) Infuse your candles with the intention

Infuse your candle with intention by simply holding it in your hands for a few minutes and visualizing what you want. Use all your senses for visualizing. Imagine what your manifestation looks like, smells like, sounds like, feels like, and tastes like. Envision your manifestation coming to life. You can also write some affirmations and keep the paper beneath the candle. Take as much time as you need for this.

4) Light the candle

This is a fairly obvious step. Light your candle. You can chant a mantra or say a prayer while doing it. Let the candle burn for a few minutes or at least until the wax has burnt evenly from all sides. Do not burn for more than 3 hours.

Needless to say, only burn the candle in a safe space and do not leave it unvigilant to avoid accidents.

5) Let it Go

Trust the power of your intention and release the attachment to the outcome. This is a crucial step. Overthinking is what usually blocks most people's manifestation. Don't fall into that trap. You attract what you believe. If you doubt it, you're throwing your manifestation away.

Some Handy Tips

Choosing the right candle

When it comes to choosing the right candle, there are plenty of choices out there. Will you use one made of paraffin wax or beeswax? What's better? Well, that's your personal choice. Bridget uses all-natural soy wax in her candles. No one is better than others in terms of their "magical ability". The magic lies in you. A candle is just a tool.

What color candle should you use?

Different colours represent different aspects of our life. Here's a quick reference for you to base your choice on:

candle color meanings
Different colours used in Candle Magick have different connotations!

  • White: White represents purity, innocence, peace, protection and healing. White also represents a blank canvas so can be used as a replacement of any other colour.

  • Red: Red is the colour of passion, sex, courage and health, assertiveness, and physical attraction.

  • Black: Black is a protective colour that can be used for protection from negative influences and entities. Black can also be used if you want to break bad habits. It can also be used for ending toxic cycles or relationships.

  • Orange: Orange represents creativity and ambition. It is also a stimulating and uplifting colour that can be used to attract happiness. Orange is also used to attract success in business or in general.

  • Pink: Pink represents femininity, love and empathy. It can also be used to attract emotional healing, self-love and new friends.

  • Green: Green is the color of nature. It also represents money, abundance and financial growth. It also stands for luck and fertility.

  • Blue: Blue is an angelic colour that can be used to bring more wisdom, peace and inspiration to your life. Since blue is the color of the throat chakra, it is also good for communication.

  • Gold: Gold is the perfect colour for financial healing as it represents fortune, talents and our innate strength. It is also the colour connected to Lyran energy.

  • Purple: Purple is the colour of royalty. It stands for intuition, spirituality and sensuality.

What else

Candle, Candle Magick

To further enhance your intention, feel free to use crystals, essential oils or herbs in your ritual. For example, you can use cedar or lemon essential oil for protection, purification and releasing negativity. Rose flower or essential oil can be used for attracting love. Cinnamon bark or essential oil is excellent for abundance.

You can also schedule your ritual on specific astrological alignments.

You can also draw specific runes or sigils on your candle.

These little details show just how much invested you are in your energy work.

Consider doing proper research on the affordable tools you can utilize. Your intention is still the primary thing you need to take care of. Everything else is secondary.

Will you give it a try??

All the best!


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