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Karmic Vs. Twin Flame - How I Knew

Something I am often asked about as a psychic reader and Twin Flame Healer. Also just being a Divine Feminine myself with over 20 years of experience, in both types of connections. Is how to know the difference between a Karmic and Twin Flame relationship?

First I want to say that for me it is just something I know, but in my younger years I didn't have the words to label these things. I met my Twin Flame when I was only 14 years old, and so was he, we were only born 11 days apart. I know I know 11 is the Master number. Funny thing about it was one of my closest friends at that time actually brought my attention to the whole 11:11 concept, only she would just say "Make A Wish". She actually married my Twins cousin and still sees him at family gatherings lol.. I no longer talk to her but it's just one of many things I tie into every sign and clue that has led me to simply say yep he is my Twin Flame.

When we met we were both the younger kids hanging out with older kids. My best friends were in High school and I was in Jr. High. One day my neighbor who was 3 years older and I went to a pond in the area and that is where we met this random group of guys. My neighbor and one of the guys hit it off and exchanged numbers, me and Twin were both very much aware of each other but didn't speak. It was actually his friend who asked my neighbor to ask me if he could call me. Then we all started dating lol. Jessica my neighbor went with one, Erica the 1111 girl went with another, and my Twin and I were together, often in a trunk of a car cause we had no car or much room with so many couples.

I just know he is my Twin and I can't explain it all in detail quickly or even expansively. My reasons and synchronicity won't matter to you. You just need to trust sometimes.

However I know that it isn't that easy for everyone, to just know and believe me the quick little description above isn't my only reasoning for believing he is my Twin Flame. I mean the minute I uncovered the whole concept of a Twin Flame it was years and years after our relationship ended, for that time being anyway. We were actually both in Karmic relationships when I learned the term Twin Flame. We had gone in an out of each other's lives so many times though in our younger days and again in our 20s and again met up in our 30s.

I went through an awakening back in 2011 and that is pretty much when I came to learn many things that finally just made sense. I remember watching videos and reading articles, basically living in the basement of my then Karmic partners house. The minute I learned the signs of a Twin Flame my Twin was the first person to come to mind. I just knew immediately it was him. I also knew inside that the guy I lived with at that time was not my forever and it was only a matter of time before we would go our separate ways.

One thing I didn't know was what would come to be of me and my Twin. I guess there has always been a knowing that I still actually have now, that we aren't done. It just never has come about yet. I know in my soul that we will talk again. We always have and it's only been a year at this time since we have. We have gone almost 10 years apart before, and somehow someway we always make our way back to each other, even if only briefly. The last 4 years have been pretty crazy considering I know he is my Twin and I am pretty much sure he knows this too. Or at least knows that I think it is so. He has said things and done some stuff that pretty much confirms 100% he is aware of my videos. One morning in particular he had to of watched his signs reading before sending me a message. I literally posted his and in minutes of it ending, I always watched my vids when posting, he was texting and asking me out after some time of silence.

There was another time I mentioned how alone I really am making videos and it is weird to me to post these videos so many people see. Now mind you I very rarely go live and it is even less often I post about it on places that he interacts with at all. However he asked without skipping a beat what about when I go live. To which a friend said in response to this, it is cause he gets to see you, without even thinking about her reply. Those are the moments when you just know something is true. When you don't need to think about it and it is just said as a matter of fact.

That is how I know my Twin Flame is my Twin I just know without thanking, don't know if that means anything beyond it. Like what our future holds per say, all I know is we still have things to say. We both have love for one another. Something he confirmed on Valentines Day 2 years ago. He called to see me after he had been drinking some truth juice. He wanted to come get me, but it was late and he was drinking. I ended up going to him but not before he had the opportunity to say I love you. I will always love you, you are my first love. Which was the same for me. We met each other at age 14 and immediately had a connection and a beautiful little thing. 6 months of love and fun was had. However it would go on and off for the next 20 years. We are now both in our mid 30s and still see each other occasionally.

Actually we stopped seeing each other about a year ago. I think he got mad that I didn't reply to his message. It was only an emoji he sent at 4am and I just didn't want to do what we were doing then.

It was like we would see each other and it was ok, but then he would disappear for a week or 3 sometimes more sometimes less. It broke my heart every time. I also knew the last time I saw him that he was not really ready to be more than friends with some benefits with me and that is not who I am.

I allowed that game with him because I love him and he knows it. I feel like I can't bend the rules any more though, if he wants to see me, he can treat me like he did a decade ago. He was such a gentleman in our 20s i know he can call me up and take me out. Spend some time getting to know me again. Now I know this may sound bad and it isn't all fairy and airy. However I know he is hurting and something had to have happened to make him change. I don't know what happened as he doesn't talk much about things, but I know more than one thing has led to his new way of being.

I also believe he will come back around again. Like find himself under wounds or pain that has made him change. I'm not sure if we will end up together again, but something I have seen so many times over the many years apart is a stupid meme that basically said 90% of people marry their first love, and others like that like you meet your future spouse by age 14. I saw these SO SO many times and he always came to mind. I'm a psychic but not to that degree lol. I hope something happens but I also need to be treated right and to know he wants to be there 100% too. Otherwise it is useless and I don't want to force anything.

Now as for deciding a Twin Flame over Karmic. Again I say it is something we just know deep inside. Nobody else can tell you if someone is or isn't your Twin Flame either. So please don't waste your money on idiots who claim to. Don't listen to unsolicited bullshit either, I find many love to come to those who they don't even know and say horrible things to make you doubt.

As for Karmic well they just have a vibe to me. Usually it's toxic and extremely unhealthy. If they hit you well that is a huge sign it isn't Divine! Basically anything that is abusive is not going to qualify for Twin Flame. That isn't to say a Twin Flame is some perfect fairy tale cause it isn't. It just won't scar you like a toxic narcissistic relationship will.

That is another sign. If you think the person is a narcissistic abuser then it probably isn't a Twin Flame. They can have some tendencies or be a little bit of a dick at times, but ultimately they will not treat you like that.

My Twin has never said anything mean to me, he has always told me the truth when I ask. He has always tried to rectify bad behavior if I made note of it. Like I said don't call me late at night for "booty calls" and that was over and done with immediately. I also know I've made note of things in my videos and he changed his behavior based off that! One thing in particular was he never came to the door a few times after I came to see him at his house. I mentioned it in a video and the next time I went to see him surprise he was answering the door again.

I also have to note that the first time I went to see him he was romantic and had candles going and I was like a hot mess weirdo. I think that made a lot of the problems happen. Also in my 20s I went out with him and got drunk and fought with all his friends. So I'm not expecting him to want to take me out for drinks although we drank heavily all night on a booze cruise and continued on a hot beach the next day before my blackout and fight attempts which I don't know why I did to this day.

He has definitely always made positive attempts to shift things with us. Also another sign of a Divine connection is you will elevate, grow, evolve and ascend more over time. I have found my calling and have risen up so much in the past 4 years we have been seeing each other again off and on.

Prior to this "relationship" I was with a narcissistic toxic and abusive Karmic partner. In that time span of about 10 years I lost everything! I lost my will to live for a long time even. I lost my job, my friends, my credit, my health, my confidence. I went through a nightmare with him. I was traumatized with so many things and he would play me like a fiddle. He cheated on me, gave me disease I luckily could be cured from, and made me out to be the problem all the time. He told me he wanted a child and then drove me to New York and I had a late abortion because he was going to leave me. I am still messed up over that and never told anyone besides my Mom and immediate family, and I know people won't understand, but when you are in these places with people like this it is extremely horrific. You can't even begin to explain what they do to your mind and abilities to make conscious and sound decisions.

I went through my awakening there, I believe because there was no other place to for me to go than into spiritual growth. I lost all of who I was, all of my then ego upon my meeting him. I was a heroin addict when I first met him. I felt like he saved me from that somehow and that was one of the main reasons I remained through so much. I was always worried I would return to heroin if we broke up.

I know it's stupid but I will admit I was stupid the entire time I was there. I was not healthy in any way mentally. And he used that to his advantage. He actually targets women with addiction issues and younger girls to buy them over. He offers cars, puppies, money, etc. In exchange for sex and dates basically. It is basically prostitution but the way he does it you don't even realize it. Obviously I was not his prostitute as we lived together in a home for years. I even stayed and kept it running when he went to jail the first time. I wasn't allowed to work or even do normal things with him. I was constantly harassed and accused of things he was doing.

He finally went to jail 4 years ago and that was for stealing millions of dollars from an elderly woman. Which I am sure he probably spent on women and puppies and cars and sex.

My biggest mistake was that I waited for that to happen before I got out. But believe me when I tell you it isn't easy to leave! They take away every thing! I was working with the small spirit community in my area at the end of everything, for some reason he was not concerned by that. Probably because it was all women. However the restaurant beside the place I worked at first he would flip out if I ordered food there. It was stupid. Nothing ever made sense!

At the second place I worked at was one I would actually make money from more than the first and he would steal money from my purse while I slept. He would say what is mine is yours or something stupid like that. He used to bring home drugs and wave them in my face. Then say if I took any he would leave me. It was all toxic and horrible and that is Karmic!

My second mistake that I regret so much is I had been waiting for this day to come when I could reach out to my Twin. I used to do meditations at night and imagine being united with my Twin. He had broken up with his Karmic during the last few years of my Karmic situation. He actually called me via Facebook around the time they split up but my then boyfriend saw the call and blocked him from my account.

I tried to talk to him and I would have left then but it did not work out. I seem to have a problem with taking things slow when it comes to my Twin lol, which I think I have finally figured out and won't push too hard again. However I did when my ex went to jail the same day he went in I was unblocking and befriended my Twin.

In a short time I actually messaged him first after days of agony thinking about what to say. Somehow it was all great though. He was happy to hear from me. We were excited to see each other but I was a hot mess after years of torture.

When I got to see my twin face to face he immediately asked what was wrong with me!

He knew I wasn't ok. I got awkward and weird and so silent. I just didn't know how to act. I hadn't been around a normal man in a decade!

So yeah I made some crazy mistakes along the way and this is just a part of the story that is us. However I hope it helps others know the difference between a Twin and Karmic.

Mine is pretty straightforward and there is absolutely no questions on my end. Yes some bad things have happened but none of them have harmed the other in any way with Twin.

I know not all of you may be dealing with that but here are some signs below that helped me and I will try to share more stories and info if anyone benefits from this....

A Twin Flame!!

Is Divine!

Trust is there immediately!

Truth shared between you!

Intense passion!! Magnetic Desires!

Immediately feel them strongly!!

Feels like you know them before talking!!

Soul recognition!

They uplift you

Inspire you

You will grow due to them!

There is a inner knowing!!

There is no way to stop loving them!!

(I have tried many times)

Telepathic communication

1111, 111, 222,

Increase of synchronicity

Music speaks to you

You feel when something is wrong

They see through your ego







Beat you down in any way!!

Lose yourself

Lose your drive



Loss of friends

Loss of work

Loss of confidence

Cheats incessantly



Ego fuelled

Looks will fade

Energy depleted

Sexual trauma


Cut off from family


Loss of sexual desires

Loss of security

Doubt self


Energy blocks

Decrease of synchronicity


Drug use

Alcohol consumption in excess

Just A knowing they aren't forever!

Of course other things can play a part in both relationships and I am only basing this short description off of my Twin and one of my Karmic relationships.

I did have other Karmic relationships that were not extremely toxic or detrimental but again I always knew deep down they were not my forever! I have Claircognizance so that may be part of it all but I always knew others were not the one for me but just stayed around a short time in the non toxic ones and was basically a prisoner in 2 extremely toxic ones.

I will share more information or answer your questions if you leave them for me

Let me know if you want to know more about my journey ♡

In Munay Namaste Bridget

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Daila Ayala
19 abr 2021

I want to hug you.

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19 abr 2021
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Thank you ♡♡ I am definitely doing much better now but there is so much I keep having come up lately and so instead of keeping it in like always have I am now just sharing it if feels right ♡♡

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