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The Third Eye Chakra Inspires Intuition and Understanding…

third eye chakra

ASSOCIATED ISSUES: fatigue, daydreaming, sleep disorders, assertiveness issues, an inability for listening to others, may experience hallucinations, or display disorientation.

ASSOCIATED BODY PARTS: the pineal gland, pituitary gland, eyes, skull, brain, nervous system, and senses.

The Third Eye Chakra is the center of our dreams, visions, and inner knowing.

The third eye chakra is the center that connects us to the unseen aspects of consciousness. Following your inner knowing and intuition will guide you along your chosen journey. When one truly opens up to the messages and synchronicity within each moment, we are allowed to witness just how our thoughts shape reality.

It is here that we begin to understand that everything does indeed happen for a reason, and depending on the outlook, we can grow, or regress in these moments.

Once we decide to grow and start seeing the world from a positive outlook, we attract more positives into our reality. We start trusting ourselves, using intuition for guidance, and ultimately we create a life far better than what we had once imagined.

third eye chakra imbalance symptoms

A balanced Third Eye Chakra allows us to tap into universal knowledge. We can easily grasp concepts of oneness and take on the role of the creator in our realities. We find it easy to manifest all that we have envisioned for ourselves and receive regular confirmation while on the right path. New experiences such as astral travel and reaching the higher states of consciousness come with ease, as well as a complete sense and understanding of the universe as a whole.

An Unbalanced Over-active Third Eye Chakra may lead to extreme stress within our lives, leaving us prone to tension headaches around the eyes, temples, and forehead. Some of us may become delusional, creating scenes within the mind that never actually happened. We may also start to exhibit a judgmental, unsympathetic thought process, and disconnect from our knowledge or intuitive expressions.

An Unbalanced Under-active Third Eye Chakra will manifest through an extreme difficulty in understanding the spiritual side of the world. Concepts such as thoughts creating our reality will seem far-fetched and implausible. Failing to see the connection among all living beings and building emotional walls to separate ourselves from others. We remain disconnected from our intuition and empathy, basing all decisions on strict logic and reason.

There are various techniques and therapy tools available for healing and balancing this chakra...

third eye chakra healing tools

Third Eye Chakra/Ajna

Color: Indigo Blue

Element: Light

  • Color Therapy – Wearing indigo may encourage insight, intuition, and mental clarity.

  • Aromatherapy– Support the Third Eye Chakra with bergamot, vanilla, orange, and lemon scents.

  • Sound Therapy – wind chimes, singing bowls, the mantra Om, Frequency 426.7 HZ, and Keynote A all benefit the Third Eye Chakra.

  • Sensory Therapy – Relates to light element. light therapies, visual exercises, practicing tai chi, participating in brain teasers, or using an eye pillow for times of relaxation.

  • Meditation – focus on the growth and expansion of intuition, perception, insight, and self-realization

  • Crystals & Gemstones – amethyst, azurite, diamonds, sodalite, and lapis lazuli

  • Energy Therapy – Services and Energy Healing Sessions like Reiki, Crystal Healing, New Paradigm, or ThetaHealing all greatly improve the health and energy flow within all chakras!

If I forgot to mention any methods you know of please leave a comment, and help spread this info by sharing it with friends!


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