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Triggers To Transformation 

We are here, we are the Pleiadian Emissaries of light. Dear ones we see the storms surrounding you, we see you pulling towards the light, we are here to remind you the light is always there, you need not reach, but simply look within. The answers you seek, the relief you desire, it can all be found within. Now is time for silent meditative practice, allow yourself time to connect and receive. Receive from self. There will be triggers at this time dear ones, bringing up the lessons we have yet to face, the darkness we have yet to take on. Those around you will begin to mirror the characteristics of those we have yet to find balance with. Those we have forgotten, those we have not forgiven, those who we must fully let go of, and those who held us back, or hurt us. All of these lessons, these karmic ties, these obstacles will arise, and it is merely a way to push you forward into light. In order for one to truly rise, and assist others one must know and understand another's darkness. All of these lessons are preparing you, releasing you, and clearing the way for those to come. We are all one, we all share these wounds as a collective. We must deliver our own saving, our own ascension, and look within for answers and light. Ask yourself what is it I need to understand, let go of, forgive, trust, allow into my life. Hear your inner voice, see your wisdom within, and transform into who you are becoming! We honor and send love to each and everyone of you. Pleiadian Emissaries of Light Channeled by Bridget Rau



Unknown member
Nov 03, 2020

Thank you so much 🙏


Love this ♥️🤩🙌🏻

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