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Union Activation!

Today was the first day that I released a Twin Flame DF Union Activation on Vimeo and to my members on There the members of the $22.22 a month plan and up get to watch and access everything for free!

This is a drop in price for non members and anyone longing to heal and ascend and get back to union with themselves and DM. This is to empower you and assist you in overcoming the dark fears and sabotaging doubts!

Take this in and soak up the intentions and passion delivered. Merge with your counterpart in 5D energy, and allow yourself to embody the creator role in your life! The Activation is 2442 mins long and it will assist you to clear blockages, awaken kundalini serpent energy up the spine to accelerate your awakening and ascension process.

Here you can purchase for $11.11 and enjoy the activation time and time again. These are scheduled for the third Tuesday every month in my memberships, but the fee to purchase will also be available after members have first received them.


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