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What Are Star Rites and How THey can Change Your Life

Have you ever wondered what star rites are? Bridget has surely mentioned them in many of her videos- the stories of how she channelled and received synchronicities for two of them! Do they spark something inside?

Or, are you a starseed waiting for something to click? Maybe something will show up to illuminate your path? After months and probably years of accepting your star origin, do you still feel lost about your soul purpose? It takes so long to accept who we are and when you finally do that, we go down the rabbit hole of "Now what?"

Star rites are the extensions of the Munay Ki, and basically initiations for starseeds by starseeds. These are extensions of the rites to come which prepare and assist us for our soul's evolution and who we will become, bridging the gap between the present and the healed and aligned version of the future. If you're unsure of what Munay ki is in the first place, check out the link below.

Let's understand each of the star rites in detail!

soul, soul star rite

This rite was channelled by Natalie Alaya in 2009, after returning to Ireland from Peru. The Q'ero shamans showed up in her shamanic journey and gifted her the soul star rite. Bridget received this rite along with the first 9 rites of Munay ki.

This rite activates the following energy centres:

  • Solar plexus chakra is initiated to hold the energy of Pachamama(spirit of the Earth). So you receive the power mother earth gifts to you and you build a relationship with her so you spend the activated power in service to the Earth, and fulfil your life purpose.

  • Your higher heart chakra (between the heart and throat chakra, associated with turquoise blue color) is aligned with the energy of Mamakocha (mother of waters). Since life on Earth originated in water, Mamakocha is also called the origin of life. Dolphins and whales from the cosmic ocean of the star Sirius will bless this initiation of your higher heart and uplift your spirit.

  • Your eighth chakra, soul star, also called wirakocha, will be aligned and activated to deliver your soul source information. This will align you to connect with your star family and align your mission.

After receiving this rite, you'll be aligned to the resources and opportunities that your soul needs to fulfil your mission.

pleiadian, golden woven path rite

This rite was gifted to humanity by Pleiadian Emissaries of Light 300,000 years ago and its energies have been expanding and intensifying ever since. The golden woven path rite helps people who pass over bypass 4D energies and cycles of reincarnation and reach the fifth dimension, full of divine love and oneness helping us anchor more and more of 5D energy on the planet, directly. This rite can be passed on to people with terminal illnesses, dying plants, pets and animals helping them clear their karma and unite with universal consciousness.

When you receive this rite, Bridget will take you on a journey to Pleiadian consciousness where you'll be joined by 2 Pleiadian guides. These guides will take you to the spot on the golden path where the thread of your consciousness will be tied building and strengthening your connection with 5D. This will also enable you to pass the rite to your friends and family, clients, and people, and anyone who has crossed over helping them attain bliss in the fifth-dimensional heaven.

pyramids, lra, lyran starseed

This rite was delivered to Bridget by Lyran masters of light during one of her meditation events. She was guided to make infinity symbols in the solar plexus, heart, third eye and crown chakras of the attendees. She now offers this rite to her community as an opportunity to enhance manifestation abilities and manifest abundance without letting greed or want of money take over our minds.

She takes us to a healing chamber where the initiate and the mentor are joined by three Lyran masters. The mentor, Bridget, then draws and installs the frequency of abundance in our solar plexus chakra for activation of manifesting abilities and heart chakra to develop compassion and ask for a manifestation from the place of love by drawing the infinity sign eight times. She then repeats the procedure with our third eye chakra to expand our vision, the ability to dream into being the desired reality and finally the crown chakra, to establish a direct and infinite connection with the source. The Lyran masters also connect your heart and the third eye chakra with your visual cortex, pineal gland by the same procedure. They help us attune to their frequency, manifesting ability and the wisdom to use it wisely.

Overall, this rite will help you manifest a new reality full of love and compassion for yourself, and the world at large.

pleiades, koto kuna karpay rite, seven sisters

The seven stars of Pleiades(also called seven sisters) are referred to as "koto"- little star by Inca shamans. They believe the 7 sisters to be their star ancestors. Hence, they consider them sacred and build energetic leylines from them to the temples of Machu Pichu and other sacred sites.

Koto Kuna Karpay Rite intends to make your very self a sacred site connected to the Pleiades!

Leylines are built and each of your chakras is attuned with the frequency of the corresponding star.

  • Asterope or Puriq Qoto: Asterope 1 and 2 are the twin stars that assist you to trust and go with the flow of life.

  • Taygeta or Tarpaq Qoto: This star is connected to your root chakra and helps with realizing and fulfilling your dormant potential, skills, abilities and creative urges.

  • Maya or Nawi Qoto: Connected to your third chakra(solar plexus), this star helps you to understand who you are and the nature of your being. It will align with the purpose of your soul.

  • Celeano or Munay Qoto: This star represents compassion and unconditional love. Any guesses about which chakra it is aligned to? You're right! The green one- your heart chakra.

  • Electra or Llanqaq Qoto: This star, which your throat chakra is attuned to, is connected to chakana- the bridge that connects all the dimensions- of stars, angels, fairies and more! It helps you be of service to humanity and the very cosmos.

  • Merope or Illary Qoto: Connected to our third eye, this star expands our perception and helps us see how little we are in the grand scheme of the cosmos.

  • Alcyone or Kanchaq Qoto: Aligned with our crown chakra, Alcyone is pure divine light,

Bridget is highly attuned to the blissful energy of Alcyone and has channelled its light as a new modality- Alcyone Light Healing.

These rites have the potential to awaken your starseed self, bring your gifts to the surface and align to your mission. Not only that, you can pass these rites on as soon as you receive them.

What are you waiting for? Give them a try today!


Hi Monika you wrote a beautiful article! Thank you! I was just wondering which of the Pleiadian star 🌟 is connected to sacral chakra? Taygeta is mentioned to be connected to root and Maya to solar plexus. Maybe Taygeta connects to both root and solar plexus?


Thank you!!💓



OMG Bridget! I want to do all of that! I feel that I’m ready!!!!❤️


Thank you so much 💕

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