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Who Are You Becoming! 

Have you been feeling it? That rumble within, the pressure pushing, the falsehoods of self dissipating? There is an intense activation occuring at this time, for those who resonate with the terms starseed, or lightworker, shaman or sage. The witches, the seers, the ones connected deeply to source. Those who disseminate codings and frequency in their own unique worlds. You are being called to dive deeper into your true mission now, to expand beyond illusions on a grander scale. Many are increasingly becoming incapable of denying the calling from within, you may find yourself blocked, where you were once comfortable and fit in. It's time to dive deeper, into who you are becoming, to step beyond fear, and back into who you've always been. The distractions that led you astray, can no longer truly hold you back. Although they may try, or appear to test on your will, the grip will lessen and lessen in each moment we ascend. There may be distractions and tests arising from those who would like to see you stay stuck. With some coming from those who don't even know what they do. Those who have doubted or destroyed their connection to source, they may now appear in your way "blocking" your path. In your timeline, on your feed, those voices in the back of your head. Perhaps they show up in your dreams, and for some they've made their way deep in your heart. Do not let them win, do not give in, be stronger than the temptation to give up or to fail. They will test you, they will taunt you, but they can never take from you what you decide to claim for your own. You are more powerful than you know, you are channels of source. All have a role that can never be broken or cursed. When you believe that you've been cut off, or give in and succumb. The darkness of doubt takes over, and you perceive illusions, and feelings of separation from source. All of your experiences, both good and bad are a creation of your choice, and arise from what you put out. If you believe you are a victim and feel that deep in your soul, you will attract in abusers to help manipulate yourself. If you feel your not worthy of unconditional love, then lovers will come with condition and feelings that appear to be false. When you place more value on the external material world, you cut yourself off from the reservoir of infintely expansive internal realms. If you believe yourself incapable of manifesting an "ideal" desire, you continue to see less in each moment's arrival. You know this already, it's innately within, yet some tend to forget, and let doubts creep on in. Each of you brought here, to this message right now, have something burning inside you, screaming to be let out. Some have been waiting, or procrastinating an inevitable decision. While some chose to believe in lies the ego envisioned. If you have been waiting on a sign from the universe, here it is! This message has come now to assist you in taking a quantum leap forward. You've been working in evolution since before this life even started. Each and everyone of us has a dream destination, fully prepared and brought forth through intentional creation. This is true and it's available in every moment as well. For those willing to show up, and let go of the old. Those ready to allow for the present to become where they dwell.

The dream destination appears by embracing right now. Through releasing the pain that the past may have dealt. Accepting and knowing it was all part of your story, created by self and directed by soul. It may not have been easy, and it may hurt like hell, but see that you chose it, to create the you you are now. Stronger and wiser, able to prevent it happening again. It comes down to decision, how you choose to live. Live as a victim, or head towards your dreams? It's all up to you now, and the beliefs you believe.

♡ in munay namaste Bridget


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