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You Are Enough! Can You Believe It?

You may have read that and quickly thought, oh I know I am. While others might feel a complete disconnect, and an inability to believe "I Am Enough".

Regardless of how you initially responded to those words on the screen. It is likely some piece deep inside of you, may not fully feel that way.

Clicking into this post you might have expected to hear some motivational messages to remind you just how beautiful and amazing you are. Well you are, and I do hope this message will inspire you, but the intent here is more so to educate and assist you in doing that on your own.

99.9% of our blockages and burdens come from the beliefs we carry about ourselves. Typically our beliefs are shaped and created while we are still very young. Through our childhood traumas, our lived experiences, while some simply get passed down to us through our families and our environment or culture.

Now that's not to say every belief we have is bad, yet the majority of our lives we will tend to attract and experience situations which mirror our belief systems.

Those of us who have suffered with:

addictions, depression, mental illness, poverty, abusive relationships, chronic pain, and other "conditions", very likely have false beliefs connected to them.

For example you may feel you Aren't Enough: (pretty enough, smart enough, fun enough, interesting enough, etc..)

  • This could show up in your world as never having enough!

  • Difficulty in manifesting money, friends, lovers, or food.

  • Difficulty in feeling full on your own leads to hoarding, binging, sex/drug/alcohol addictions, food disorders/allergies, or just a neverending battle to acquire a feeling of fullness and or having "enough".

Other common beliefs tie into Feeling Different or feeling like What You Want is Not Available To You.

Maybe your parents split up when you were younger, or you were adopted. Maybe you were just treated differently from others as a child/adolescent.

  • This could lead to bipolar disorder, depression, feeling anxious, unlovable, and uncomfortable.

This will likely make you feel that certain things that are available to others, just aren't available to you..

  • It can manifest as feeling love isn't available to you, or something about you is unlovable.

  • Feeling that you're not capable of doing things others do, simply because you perceive and believe yourself to be different.

How we feel, what we envision, what we speak/believe about ourselves is what we will continue to see in our lives. We also stick to what feels familiar, and resist the unfamiliar.

So if your parents were abusive to each other or you, you will likely gravitate toward an abusive partner.

If your parent(s) weren't around, or you were always by yourself, you may find a partner who appears to "run away". Or attract someone who isn't available on one level or another physically or emotionally..

Growing up in a home with a scarcity mindset? You may find you keep some those characteristics, and resonate on that frequency, until you break free from it!

Everything you do, from the words you speak, the thoughts you think, and the feelings you feel are shaping your world. In each and every moment!

If you tell yourself this is "killing" me, don't be surprised when you start to feel sick. If you tell yourself I never have enough, don't be surprised when you struggle to save. If you compare yourself to others in a negative way, don't be surprised when they seem to improve, while you remain the same or even digress.

Instead replace these words with new words, and replace the feelings connected to the story your living. Find the core of your beliefs, and retrain your brain to believe in better beliefs about yourself!

I am enough

I am abundant

I am healthy

I am lovable

I am supported

I am accepted

You are no different than any other person on this planet when it comes to your potential!! If they can do it, you can do it!!

Stop believing there is something wrong with you, stop owning the diseases someone diagnosed you with. Instead of constantly reminding yourself "I'm bipolar", speak and believe "I am balanced", "I am enough", "I am happy".

You literally are the creator of your life!

I'm not diminishing your past experiences, or your medical conditions, I'm simply urging you to start creating a new version of yourself. Start believing new beliefs, healing the places the false versions came from, and see how quickly and how drastically your life and body can change!

You deserve it! Because You Are Enough!

Feel like you need help releasing and replacing beliefs? My hypnotic healing sessions are an amazing tool to assist those ready to change their beliefs and feelings ♡

Long Distance Shamanic Healing Sessions!!

If you would like to book a private long distance shamanic healing, we will guide you through a recorded session where the emissaries speak through me, and channel a unique journey for your specific needs.

The energy is intelligent and knows where to go, as well as trusting the emissaries to guide the session and the retraining of core beliefs holding you back.

If you are aware of a certain blockage or belief we can certainly tune in and work there, but if you aren't exactly sure of where to begin you may simply be open to receive.

These sessions are recorded with sound healing, Shamanic Practices, mixed with other modalities all within the vortex from the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformational Energy System. You may listen to your recording/hypnotic Meditation as often as you like or until you feel it is no longer needed.

These sessions are set up to allow for a deeper transformation each time you connect with the energy and messages that come through.

I will also send a short video after the session is completed to express anything that I felt during your session and may not have been directly expressed in the channeling.

Some people have used these sessions for themselves, while others have used them for their Twin Flame & Soul Mate Relationships. Those in Twin flame dynamics have reported to have increased intimacy, some had new Communication after many months apart, and in some cases the person labeled the "chaser" who was wishing to move on, was able to finally do so after listening to the recording a couple times. ♡

You can find the session available under the Store/sessions tab.. as of now 1/19/20 I am booked until March 4th ♡ depending upon when you read this wait times may increase or decrease.

Feel free to email me with any questions ♡

In munay namaste Bridget Rau

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