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Abundance Candles

Intentions are powerful!


When added to a candle you bring those Intentions to the physical world making them even more so powerful!


This listing is for one of my Abundance Candles!

Abundance candles have been extremely popular and potent!


  1. In fact one woman won one from me in a giveaway and the day she lit it, she envisioned 100 dollar bills all around her.
  2. She went to the casino that night and won 10k dollars after taxes around 8k.
  3. Another girl was given a gift card for $100 the day after she received her Abundance candle!
  4. There was also a woman working on Wall Street who attributed a 100k bonus to her Abundance candle!


  • They are a mix of all natural essential oils and soy wax with intentions!


  • I include frankincense, Patchouli, Myrrh, cedarwood and Peppermint together!


  • All high vibing and highly supportive in the creation of Abundance!




  • When you receive your candle simply place your hand over the top of it.


  • Close your eyes and imagine what it feels like, tastes like, looks like, smells like, sounds like to be living in your new reality or simply attracting in your Abundance goals.


  • Then simply light the candle while holding that vibration and energy.


  • Then give it to the universe to manifest!


Try not to be fixated on a particular outcome so not to create resistance or inadvertently tell the universe you don't have it therefore attracting more of that reality.


The universe delivers to us what we ripple out!


So maintain the frequency and energy as if you already have what desire and ripple that out into the universe!




  • When your candle is completely burnt down you can keep the energy burning in your life.


  • Simply write on a piece of paper what your intentions or new reality looks like.


  • Whether it be in a loving relationship, safe from the harm of others, full of abundance, or filled with passion and place that paper inside the empty candle jar to help boost your intentions and creation.


  • Keep in safe place and charge in full moon, under special equinoxes or other special dates that feel important to you and your situation or life.


  • You may also decide to make moon water or something special with your jar the possibility is endless and totally up to you!



  1. Green Abundance 
  2. Golden Light Confidence
  3. White Purity &  Protection
  4. Purple Passion & Seduction

Abundance Candles

PriceFrom $22.00
  • If you run into any troubles please reach out to me with any questions/concerns so we can fix it!

  • By law we must state this is for entertainment purposes and not to replace medical or legal guidance with our products

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