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Cut The Cord Candle - Palo Santo

Cut the Cord Candle Ritual Made with Palo Santo to cleanse and protect! These are all natural soy Candles and essential oils infused with Intention to assist you in cutting energetic cords of attachment between you and another person(s).


You will receive a string and 2 pages of directions and assistance for utilizing your ritual with your candle. This will assist in cutting away energies that stunt your growth, cause discomfort, and block you from living your best life. You can perform your own ceremony with this candle to cut Cords of attachment to karmic toxic relationships, friends, family, lovers, basically anybody. It is also a great practice to do with anyone you are having issues with. Even if you don't want to remove the person from your life by cutting cords you reset the energy!



Archangel Michael is intelligent and will not cut any divine cords of love, leaving you free from resentment, anger, jealousy, pain, betrayal, and any lower vibration emotions, while surrounded in love and clear harmonizing energy! COLOR These will naturally be done in white color wax for purity, but feel free to change the color if you like.


Leave a note at checkout!


Colors can assist in creating better conditions and frequency aligned for your full intentions! Blue is a color associated with the throat and communications! White is pure!


Golden light is great for manifesting! Green is heart opening and balancing! Yellow brings power and confidence! Purple is connected to passion and Seduction! Any color will aid in the original intentions, but is essentially your choice of what feels right!


CUT CORDS DIRECTIONS WILL COME WITH THE CANDLE AND YOU CAN USE THE PAPER WHEN THE CANDLE HAS COMPLETELY BURNT TO STORE IN THE VESSEL. UPON RECEIVING You will receive a candle and a string which I have already infused with intentions to assist you in cutting cords. You can intend to cut cords with anyone you need to or simply include all people in one session. Each candle can be used for up to 3 ceremonies.


This is completely safe and beneficial to all relationships!!


Take your candle in your hands and close your eyes. Imagine the people or person you have had some issue with or simply want to reset energy with! Keep in mind it is not uncommon for you to hear from someone once cords are cut. They will feel it and toxic people like to reconnect quickly, and loving people will have a renewed energy between you.


Call on Archangel Michael and recite the words on your paper. As well as the rest of the directions for your ritual. You can use this candle more than once if you like as well. Meaning if you need to cut more cords simply go through the process again I will include extra string so you have plenty for up to 3 rituals. Then use candle as normally would and trust that each session is also adding in clearing any negative energies in your aura and relationships!

Cut The Cord Candle - Palo Santo

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