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Divine Love Oracle

Divine Love is a new Oracle Deck created by Bridget Rau of Divine Essentials!

**As soon as I have my deck in hand I will add more Images but many have already been posted on Instagram and Facebook!!
@divinessential on Instagram
Bridget Rau - Divine Essentials Page

The Deck contains 87 cards 88 images of love and emotion felt and expressed in Twin Flame or Soul Mate connections.

The deck is done as a traditional size of Tarot and I skipped the High gloss to avoid the glare many seem to struggle with.

I can add gold or silver gilt edges for a charge and can create this in different size options if requested!

I almost did the same size as Journey of Love but ended up with the traditional size

This deck has a mixture of passion fueled and wholesome messages! Basically a bit of my Journey of Love and a bit of my Desires Decks brought together in one awesome sauce Oracle Deck!

This deck can be used for either perspective DM or DF (Divine Masculine or Divine Feminine) and it will be easily read by both new and seasoned readers.


The listing is for the deck only, we do not have a book or written directions!!

These are easily interpreted cards of messages from the DM or DF perspective.. The cards are a traditional size but its thick 87 cards 88 images

Decks are made and shipped from Hong Kong!!

With covid it can take a little longer than usual.

Decks are listed with 3 to 4 weeks shipping to allow for this time.

*Most decks deliver within 14 days in the US, and outside of the US usually range 14 to 21 days, but occasionally they have taken longer.*

Covid has only made this less predictable but the decks always arrive. Even if I have to purchase a second deck I ensure my customers receive a deck. I've only had to redo decks on a few occasions and for different reasons out of my control and sometimes the customers mistake.

There is a few places we can not deliver to! India, Iceland, Africa and possibly others. I will refund you as soon as we try to enter the order and find you are not on the shipping options. I do not know of every place because they do not list these places on the site, they just do not include on the order form. Occasionally they have allowed us to place an order only to find it was indeed not available. I do my best to keep track or those places.

The fact that we hand enter every single order only allows a short window to edit or change your order. If you do not know the address on your account please double check it before you order!!

I can not cancel any order once I enter into the company!! I have a no refund policy because of that fact. I literally will have to pay my own money and still ship to you even if you decide you don't want it. It is not possible for the company I use to cancel your order I have tried many times.

If you are moving, traveling, or won't be able to wait the 3 to 4 weeks please do not purchase the decks until you can do so and allow for room to deliver. It may not take that long but in the event it does plan accordingly!

You will receive a default white cardstock box. The box is not fancy or decorative and it is a flip top like regular playing cards have available.

This is a Oracle Deck meant for you to Intuitively read the energy of each card pulled, and you should be able to pick up on messages with your intuition coming from the universe and your guides.

Most decks are pretty simple to read, and I aim to make them for beginners and advanced readers.

My YouTube channel has many opening videos describing the card meanings for a lot of my decks! Simply search Bridget Rau and name of the deck on YouTube or my IGTV.
(Not all are available)

This deck can be used alone or with other decks, and has no booklet or directions!

Each card is self read and the images can also deliver more meaning and messages.

Simply tune into your intuition to feel the multiple ways of interpreting each card!

Find the Bridget Rau channel on YouTube or follow me on Instagram @divinessential to see my cards in action and to understand even more of the messages and hidden meanings you may not have picked up on yourself ♡


Aromatherapy Products & Decks Ordered at same time will be delivered Separately!

We Can Get Decks Fixed If an Issue Arises with the Printing

Decks Are Made in Hong Kong So If You Order A Deck & Aromatherapy Products
(They Will Come at Different Times)
Decks Typically Take 2 weeks to arrive in U.S.
International Decks Can Range up to & Occasionally More Than 21 days Depending on Your Location – Usually They Are Not That Long
If You Order Aromatherapy Products/Candles & are International We Will Check the Shipping Prices You Paid & Compare to Our Cost,
If There Is a balance, We Will Refund That Amount.

We Are Not Responsible for Lost Shipments or Undeliverable Packages. Please Double Check Your Address on Account –
If You Have A Problem with Delivery the Smartest Thing to Do Is Contact the Post Office Many Times Your Item Is There & You Just Need to Call.

If You Just Look at It on Your Phone & Wait Days to Then Tell Me About It, By Then Your Item Is Typically on Its Way Back to Me or Hong Kong! Which Will Have Fees Associated to Ship Again to You!

Divine Love Oracle

PriceFrom $88.00
  • No returns, 3-4 Weeks Shipping!!


    Please reach out to me with any questions/concerns

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