Make your own 9oz candles with intentions to assist in a myriad of ways!

Mixing various scents, colors, and intentions, create your own one of a kind candle!




**Burn in safe place!


**Never leave a candle unattended


**Let wax pool burn evenly before you extinguish with every use!

Meaning melts across top of candle entirely to avoid dipping into wax unevenly and wasting the candle!


**Do not let burn for more than 3 hours at a time


**when there is a quarter inch of wax on bottom of candle you can discontinue use



Lavender is relaxing, calming, and soothing. Having many benefits within and around the body. A perfect scent for meditation and sleep.

Frankincense is grounding, promoting of peace, and assists in interconnectedness. A wonderful tool to assist you after a long day.

Sandalwood is calming, and great for anxiety. Fill up a relaxing bath and unwind with a little help from Sandalwood.

Peppermint is uplifting and warm. Helps with IBS and cold symptoms. A favorite around the holidays!

Rose is soft and gentle engulfing you in love! Helps with depression, and pain, and increase your passion.

Patchouli helps to relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. Allowing you to relax and unwind easily!

Cinnamon is warm and often brings about certain memories of warmth and joy. Another relaxing and calming scent to assist you in feeling peaceful.

Sweet Orange is uplifting and cheerful while also assisting insomnia and restlessness. A delightful way to combat sadness and depression.

Cedarwood is grounding and protecting, promoting feeling of safety and security. Relax and let go of unnecessary fears and doubts.


Mix together Lavender and Rose to create our signature Twin Flame Scent and intent.

Mix together frankincense and patchouli for abundance and prosperity.

Mix together Sandalwood and Cedarwood for our signature scent grounded protection. Stay grounded and protected!

Mix together Peppermint and Cinnamon for added warmth and delight, especially around the holidays!

Mix together Sweet Orange and Lavender, with a splash of Peppermint to create the Galactic Vortex! Uplifting protection, and connection with your guides!

If you want to mix 2 of these together and do not see the option please message me and I will make sure to get you your special candle created!


Light with intention!!



Before lightning the candle take your hand and hold it over the candle. Close eyes and imagine all the details surrounding what you wish to be manifesting into your life.

Whether it be a phone call, text message, more money, better health, etc...

Just be as clear as possible in your visualization! How it looks, feels, tastes, smells, ALL details...

Then light the candle while maintaining the vibration and feeling of what it feels like to have that new reality!

Maintaining that feeling will help to attract to you your desires!


When your candle is completely burnt down you can keep the energy burning in your life. Simply write on a piece of paper what your intentions or new reality looks like.

Whether it be in a loving relationship, safe from the harm of others, full of abundance, or filled with passion and place that paper inside the empty candle jar to help boost your intentions and creation.

Keep in safe place and charge in full moon, under special equinoxes or other special dates that feel important to you and your situation or life.

You may also decide to make moon water or something special with your jar the possibility is endless and totally up to you


The universe reacts to what we ripple out through our thoughts, feelings and actions.

If you feel sad, alone, and unhappy the universe sends more things that support that reality.

If you feel warm, happy, surrounding self in love and abundance the universe will send more of that!

Do not over do it with this practice either. You do not need to constantly be thinking this thought or focused or obsessed on an outcome for this tells the universe you really don't have it. You can't fool the universe!

Just simply align with intentions and focus your visualization to light the candle. Then release it to the universe. Trust the universe will deliver!! Practice Detachment!!


Also please note my intentions are for the highest and best possible outcome.

If someone is toxic or unhealthy for you this will not aid in connection.

We can speed up or align to better days, but they need to be a vibrational match.

Also I will not support you going against free will.

If someone truly doesn't like to connect with you respect them and their decision.


I can not guarantee results as you are the creator of your reality and if your energy and thoughts are based in fear, misery, and low vibrations it is difficult to break through that energy.


The candle is made with all natural soy wax #444, and essential oils, real rose and lavender dry flowers. 


The colors can also assist in creating better conditions and frequency aligned for your intentions! Oils will depend on your choice

Blue is a color associated with the throat and communications!

White is pure!

Golden light is great for manifesting!

Green is heart opening and balancing!

Yellow brings power and confidence!

Purple is connected to passion and Seduction!

Any color will aid in the original intentions, but is essentially your choice of what feels right!


We offer..
4oz amber brown glass
6oz golden tins
9oz brown glass with gold lid

There is also a listing for mini tins and tea lights if you just need a boost


I am an Advanced aromatherapist with years of knowledge and experience working with essential oils, as well as creating candles and other products!

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Make Your Own Candle 9oz



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