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Manifesting Journal

Divine Essentials Manifesting Journal (25 Page Work Sheet/Planner)

This Manifesting Journal has been created with Manifestation in mind!

Including different activities and work sheets designed to assist you in manifesting the life of your dreams!

What's Inside?

Yearly Dreams
The Year Ahead Worksheet 

Monthly Dreams
The Month Ahead Worksheet (print monthly)

Weekly Dreams
The Week Ahead Worksheet (print Weekly)

Affirmations For Manifesting Worksheet

Checks From The Universe

Manifesting Timeline (6, 3, 1 Month Overview)

Extended Timeline Sheets! (6, 3, 1 Month)

Visualizing Worksheet

Abundance Tracker

Belief Shifting Worksheet

Monthly Goals & Deadlines Printout

One Day I Want To Worksheet

Daily Schedule/Planner

Weekly Schedule/Planner

Status Report

What I Want Worksheet

Self Care Reminders

Self Care Check In

New Years Goals Sheet

The Circle

Gratitude Worksheet

All meant to assist you in Manifesting!!!

No refunds as it is a digital item and you will have the copy as soon as you order.

Manifesting Journal

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