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Munay Protection Spray

Munay Spray!


Are you a modern-day shaman? A rainbow warrior? A Starseed Soul? Or simply ready to heal and connect deeply with this beautiful energy, aroma, & intentions infused into each handmade Spray Bottle?


If so, I look forward to creating and sending you this yummy and inviting addition to your spiritual and healing tools ♡


Combining Palo Santo, Cedarwood, and Sandalwood together to create a yummy and protecting spray infused with Munay (love). As a mentor for the Munay Ki I decided it was only right to channel a blend specially intended to assist in bringing forth the energy of the archetypes, ancestors, and creator.


Get grounded with Pachamama, uplifted with the Great Spirit, and protect your sacred space with Munay Spray!

Munay Protection Spray

  • No returns

    Please reach out to me with any questions/concerns

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